My 'Every Day Carry' planner

By the Design Team


This week the Design Team are talking about their EDCs (EveryDay Carry planners). It's surprising the diversity of EDC amongst a small team. For a more detailed look at the evolving nature of her EDC read Tracy Macheta's blog post on Wednesday.


Robyn Dexter-Attwood

 Happy Planner EDC

I kind of have two everyday carry planners! My main EDC at the moment is (possibly controversially) a classic happy planner! It has the hard cover to add a bit more stability and it is frankenplanned to include my wellness planning and bullet journaling in one place. I've now also got a section for work notes. It goes everywhere with me. I do also have a Hobonichi weeks in my travel wallet with all the gumph from my purse that I don't use everyday. It goes with me sometimes and is the one goes with me if I'm travelling light. 


Katie Teage

My EDC Stickers

My take on the every day carry is the stickers that I carry around with me everyday. I do plan on advance but the plans change and a sticker is needed!

Luckily Rachel provided a ‘sticker for everything’ and so I’m never caught short! My every day carry at the moment is my most recent order and a few rainbow lovelies.

My most favourite EDC sticker at the moment is the today’s win (auto correct just made that today’s wine 🤣). It’s also fantastic that this comes in a sampler strip too.

My other favourite is the rainbow event labels (in any size). These are just great for matching with any kit when you need to pop in an event.

No matter what planner or notebook I’m using my stickers stay the same and are so practical.


Sharon Gubby

Chic Sparrow Personal Every Day carry

My 'EDC (Every day carry)' is a Chic Sparrow Odyssey Classic Artemis - a discontinued style. I have my own inserts which I made to suit what I need each week; combination of boxes that fit EC sized stickers and daily notes and weekly layout. The new mini weeks sheet is perfect for this size of planner and I love it. 

If I'm into a particularly busy time I also have a B6 Mr Darcy Chic Sparrow - my unicorn planner - it allows me more space because of the different dimensions and allows for more stickers. For this planner I go back to the weekly core sheet for my weekly decoration - the stickers are a little bigger in size and perfect for the B6.


Sophie Ball

Every Day carry by Sophie

My EDC is my Hobonichi A6. I was using a Techo Avec but I’ve since changed to an A6 Hobonichi Notebook. This way I can plan my own layouts depending on how busy I am. I’m currently using my favourite penguin cover which I successfully hunted down. Also tucked inside I have an A6 monthly book just so I can jot down any advance plans. A few stickers in the back, some samplers and a few of my favourite accessories. This is the perfect size for me to carry around. It’s light, not bulky and the  Cover on cover keeps it protected so it’s also very easy to clean. I’m definitely going to continue this going forward, not for the same purchase as I’ve recently acquired  my new EDC for 2020 so I will be using it as an additional notebook alongside my Hobonichi weeks (which has penguins on so was a no brainer)!


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My Every Day Carry Planner