My current sticker storage system

By Linsay McGarva - Design Team Member

 Stickerate Biner

Stickers are something that I find a great deal of pleasure in organising and sorting out. If I have a day off work and my children are with their grandparents, you can bet I’ve whipped out all my stickers and various storage ideas and am sorting through them. 

I like to regularly go through my stash, organise and destash in order to make sure I’m using everything, that I know what I have in my collections and to make way for new stickers of course!

When Rachel released the stickerate binder my heart skipped a beat! At that time I had my stickers spread across various ring binders and planners, but I wasn’t a huge fan of it. I felt everything was really disorganised. I couldn’t see what I had properly and everything had to be in plastic pockets. This meant they all slipped around, stickers fell out all the time and I just shoved them in anywhere. It wasn’t a great system at all.

I love this binder for one big reason, which is that Rachel’s sticker sheets come in a5 sheets and are easy to punch and put into the planner. No need for plastic pockets for everything now and every sheet is stored individually so I can flick through the binder quickly and see exactly what I have.

There are also two plastic pockets one in the front of the binder and one in back. I keep all of my Penguin Joe A5 sheets and stickers in the front pocket. 


Penguin Joe sticker storage 

On the back I keep all of my washi that comes on each a5 sheet and matches the collection. I store these by peeling them from the a5 sheet and attaching them to the a5 dashboard that comes with each order. That way all of my washi from that one collection is stored together and within easy reach. I also keep my stickerating books here.


Stickerate Binder inside

When you purchase the binder it comes with 6 dividers and transparent tabs. I use the dividers but have switched out the transparent tabs for handwritten labels using the personal sized EBDUK stickers. I have them divided into headers, labels, half boxes, full boxes, deco and rainbow & kits. I also added in a core sheet section at the start but as I’d run out of dividers I used another of the dashboards.


Stickerate Binder tabbed dividers 

Finally, prior to having the stickerate binder everything was stored in plastic pockets as mentioned previously. I didn’t want to have a separate folder for these, so I still use the plastic pockets for the older style kits and they’re stored within the rainbow & kits section at the back.


Stickerate Binder rainbow page


I love the stickerate binder and mine is now full to bursting, this means that a) I need to stop buying stickers or b) I need to add another binder to my Christmas list...I think we all know which option I’ll be going for!

I hope this post has inspired you to organise your sticker collection and given you some ideas on how to section things off, please post pictures within the group if you use the stickerate binder and how you organise everything.



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