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Habit tracking was once a phrase that made me cringe. Entering the planner word through the bullet journal, they were all elaborately hand drawn spreads that seemed to be a symbol of the perfect life. They never seemed real. I drew a few out but never filled them in and then felt bad about not doing it. This has changed hugely with habit tracking becoming an important part of my planner set up.


Weekly Habit Tracking

This is probably where I started to see how habit tracking is useful. Adding the weekly stickers was obviously part of the decorative fun, but where there were gaps at the end of the week, I started to consider what had happened for me not to get it done on that day. This simple process of questioning helped me change my perspective of habit tracking. So from the simple stickers, I expanded to draw trackers for the week to help see things.

Hand drawn habit trackers 


The one recent addition which I really like are the stacked habit trackers. I identify three things each week which I really want to focus on. The stacked habit trackers make it really obvious how I'm doing on that focus.


 Hand drawn habit trackers


Monthly Habit Tracking

This is where I am focusing with my new wellness journey. Seeing the whole month and the highs and lows of the month help me really focus on what I'm doing. Again, there's different ways of doing this just as with the weekly.

Wellness journal with habit tracking


Obviously there is the drawn version. This can be as simple or as time intensive as you want it to be and a little sticker here and there brightens it all up!


 Monthly page 2 habit strips in a passion planner


The notes page 2 from the collection also includes really handy monthly strips for habit tracking (and notes page 1 has printed headings to add if you want to). I like including these on my Passion Planner monthly spreads as a check in for focus areas alongside my daily gratitude.


 New monthly dashboards in an Erin Condren


Finally, and possibly most excitingly, the new monthly dashboard sheets add functionality with colour. Although designed with the new Erin Condren monthly pages in mind, they can work well in any planner. I've used on in last year's Erin Condren and I can see them working really well in my medium Passion Planner at some point in the future as well as bullet journals.


For me, I use both weekly and monthly habit tracking. I don't beat myself up about whether it is filled in or not. It's building a picture of what's going on in my life and a tool to help me make improvements. I reflect on it at the end of the week and think about why things haven't been crossed off. I then use this information to consider my priorities for the coming week. Why do it, unless it has a purpose. 


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Habit tracking by Robyn Dexter-Attwood