My 2022 Planner Set-up

By Creative Planning Team Member - Helen Worsford


It’s great to be part of the Creative Planning Team and be able to share some of my planner layouts with you. I originally found EllieBeth Designs UK through Lucy at Attic 24, and fell in love with the crochet design stickers. Colour is what makes my heart sing so I quickly fell in love with both the rainbow stickers and Penguin Joe designs. Since then I seem to enjoy buying the various monthly designs. My finger just seems to slip on those #WNW nights,

EllieBeth Designs has a lovely community of likeminded planners that enjoy planning and using stickers to decorate their planners. Grab a coffee and watch a video introducing you to my planner set-up.


    How did I get into planning?
    I have always been into organisation, stationery and planning, and colour, and I am lucky enough that “Planning is my job”. I am a Programme Director and manage large scale Transformation Programmes. However, I do get some funny looks sometimes at work when people see my calendars and daily diaries . But my planners keep me happy and smiling so they are a major part of my busy life and help to keep me on track.
      EBDUK sticker binders with planners from Louis Vuitton
      What’s my planner set-up for 2022?
      I have two different planner set-ups; one for work and one for home. My planner covers are both Louis Vuitton a little present to myself.  Hopefully they will last me a lifetime, or that’s what I told my husband! My work planner is a large ring agenda cover and my home planner is a Large Desk Agenda cover.
        After years of trying to find planner peace, I think I am nearly there if ever there is such a thing.  I have settled on Erin Condren for 2022, with a mixture of both rings, coiled planners, and petite planner system.

          How do I set up my home planner?
          My home set up is an Erin Condren coiled planner system. I 'franken-plan' two different planners an EC Daily Duo & an EC Life Planner and also insert a number checklist sheets at the back. I coil 3 months pages at a time. I also cut down some B6 pages to A4 to have some note pages in the back. 

            Erin Condren Planner with EBDUK stickers - monthly dashboard EBDUK DD daily setup with EBDUK stickers
            What are the different sections of my home planner?

            Quotes page:
            I just love the quotes that Rachel designed as part of the Advent calendar  - I think this has to be my favourite sticker sheet of all time.  I just love the colours and the quotes.  

            Goal Planning: 
            Next I have my goal planning set out for 2022, which I then use as part of my weekly and monthly life reviews to keep me on track.  My goals cover 7 different areas: Health - Family & Friends - Financial - Home - Personal Development - Work.
            Finally a list of creative goals; generally a list of projects I would like to make. My hobbies are all in a creative space: sewing, knitting and crochet. They all have one thing in common my love of colour.
            I have to say I love the new dots that came in the Advent Calendar last year!

            Monthly Calendars:
            Then I have the first of my monthly calendars.  Which captures my personal appointments, birthdays. I complete it as I go during the month.  I also love a little Penguin Joe. I really like the little ones that come in some of the kits. This month I have used “Another Trip around the sun”

                  Monthly Dashboard:
                  I then like to set out a monthly dashboard.  Just to keep track of the key things I need to track, do and follow in the month.  I always find this fun.  This month I have used the stickers from the Brighten up event. I really love the colours, as you can see Penguin Joe always likes to be in on the show .
                    Daily Duo:
                    My daily pages are set up the same each day, as we have just been on holiday.  I have set up the whole month as it's going to be a busy month so I am prepared.  I have used a mixture of design packs this month: Brighten Up event stickers - Around the Sun - mixed with Rainbow basics - Original Penguin Joe Alzheimers kit - December: Robins #Stickerate kit.
                          Monthly Review.
                          This year I am going to aim to carry out a monthly review asking myself the same set of questions.  So I am using the last 2 days of note pages to capture my response. All set up with the amazing Christmas Day Bonus pack from the 2021 Advent Calendar.  (Watch the video for some page layouts)
                          My planner set-up gives me an extra monthly overview
                          Used to capture the Gratitude daily quotes & my proposed social media schedule to post photos.
                            Page 1: My planner outlines and pictures to be posted as part of the CPT.
                            Page 2: Monthly Goals
                              LifePlanner: This year I thought I would capture a little journaling,  daily bullets of mood, health and summary of the day.

                                Tell me how you have set up your work planner?   
                                EC Planner with EBDUK stickers from Advent Experience box
                                My work planner:
                                My work planner uses the Erin Condren A5 Daily Duo. I use rings for the flexibility as I can drop in key notes pages where I need to, and when moving around between meetings I have just one planner.  My work planning is generally more dynamic. I tend to sit in meetings for 7-8hrs a day. Some days up to 16 meetings, therefore I don’t list all meetings but list the key themes.  Whilst the majority of my planning is captured in electronic planning tools  - Miro and Jira, generally using both Kanban planning systems, I only feel set up for the day when I have written out what I need to achieve.  It gets me into the right mindset of the day, my first job of everyday. I am sharing my diary set-up here before the pen.

                                Monthly Overview: 
                                Diary:  I just capture key “Governance Meetings” or papers I need to prepare and their deadlines here.
                                Dashboard:  My Dashboard captures the key highlights  - typical of Project Management
                                Priorities - Actions - Issues - Risks - Dependencies - Resources - Finances - Key Decisions
                                  Daily Duo Set-up:
                                  Again I have the same set-up for every day and tend to use my rainbow stickers for Saturdays and Sundays. I use the paper to carry out a weekly review – using the same headings from my monthly dashboard.  I find this helps on two counts -  to think about what we have achieved as a team in the week captures the challenges and issues & to think about what my focus needs to be for the next week.

                                  New: Daily Reflection:
                                  This year I have decided to try out the petite planner from Erin Condren, to capture my daily reflections.  Let’s see if this makes it to my list of 'Planner Peace'.

                                    I hope you have enjoyed my planner set up for 2022.  Keep smiling.

                                    Helen x


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