My 2020 Planner Setup

By Creative Planning Team Member - Robyn Dexter-Attwood


This year I feel like I have spent longer than ever setting up ready for 2020. I think I actually started in November when I bought my PowerSheets and then journaled about the things I wanted for my planner set up for 2020. Unsurprisingly though, my line up has already changed, but I’ll come to that later.

After a period of one planner, I have gone back to multiple planners for different purposes.


Erin Condren Deluxe Monthly

Erin Condren Deluxe Monthly

This is where I started with my preparation for 2020, mainly because I recoiled it to include December of 2019. I have well and truly doctored this planner! I’ve recoiled all of the notes pages and a dot grid notebook so they are spread equally between all the months. The purpose of this planner is to have one place to reference anything social media related. I use the monthly spread to record where I have posts for the CPT due as well as ideal schedules for YouTube and my other social media accounts. The notes pages are then there for notes on what to include in video descriptions, ideas for photos, and notes to start off my blog posts (including this one). Social media is something I want to focus on as its something I enjoy and I’m hoping, having a space dedicated to it will help.



Power sheets

This is something new for me this year, and I have spent a long time going through the process of setting it up. This is going to be predominantly private because of the things I have included, but the tending list is something I have built into my planner to help me maintain focus. This is something I have found quite cathartic and the rest of my 2020 setup has stemmed from this process.


Passion Planner

Passion Planner

Unsurprisingly, this is my main planner. I have gone back to a date medium for 2020 after using an undated. This is my decorative outlet and a bit more memory based. The monthly spreads, are where I record the gratitude challenge prompts for each day while using the spaces in the rest of the spread for important events/reminders and monthly tracking. For January I have used the monthly skeleton and monthly extras alongside a monthly dashboard sheet to create the spread. I really like these spreads once they are full.

My weekly spreads continue to be a mix of function, prettiness and memory keeping/journaling. I’m aiming to use some of my hoarded vintage EBDUK kits this year as I have so many of them! I top these up with rainbow functionals where needed. I like that the stickers make things stand out, while still having space to record notes and lists.


Bullet journal

Bullet Journal by Robyn Dexter-Attwood

The bullet journal is where I fell down the planning rabbit hole so naturally its still a part of my set up. It has dramatically changed though. I’ve gone back to pen only and is my work planner. Now I work in IT, most of what I need is all electronic (made easier to manage by having three monitors!). But there are a lot of aspects where I still like to jot things down while I’m working and in meetings. Having a bullet journal for this just makes things easier.


Passion Planner Daily

Passion Planner daily

I’m going to be honest here. I still haven’t completely go to grips with this and for the first time ever I had total fear of starting to use it! I’ve got as far as Tabs. I’ve used the rainbow monthly tabs to indicate where each month starts and small blank labels to show where my tracking page is and where the notes pages are. This is going to be for my health and wellness tracking and I think will complement my goal setting from my PowerSheets. I know what I want to include in this, but I haven’t quite worked out how I want to put it all together yet.


Large Passion Planner

This is the surprise entry into my line up after Christmas. My husband very nicely bought me a large yellow Passion Planner and having all that space is amazing. I obviously want to include this in my planner line up so I think its going to become a more simplified catch all planner. The monthly spread is a very simple set up using a mix of icons and small labels so me and my husband can see whats going on in the month. The weekly spreads are highlighter only so far and give me the easier option of future planning. Its being used a bit more like a traditional diary for want of a better description.


We all know this is likely to change, but I have put a lot of time and thought into this process this year. 2019 was a tough year for me and I want 2020 to be full on good things. 


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