More Than Just a Wish

By Creative Planning Team Member - Natalie Bowers


Hello, Stickeraters! It’s the start of September, which, for me, always feels more like New Year than the actual New Year. Maybe it’s because most of my life has revolved around the academic year, first as a student, then as a teacher, and now as a mother. This academic year is a big one for our family. My son is starting university (Where did the last 18 years go?) and my daughter is starting Year 11 - all being well, she will be sitting her GCSE exams next summer. The other day, my daughter and I were chatting about this and decided that we wanted to plan some adventurous fun for after her exams finish in June: days out, weekends away, a summer holiday, that kind of thing, and I resolved, there and then, to make losing weight a personal priority for the next nine months.


Bullet journal with EllieBeth Designs UK stickers 


That might not make much sense, but bear with me! Over the last few years, I have put on a lot of weight, in part due to the medication I’m taking, and in part because I’ve been focusing on my mental health recovery journey. But earlier this year, I realised I needed to make a change, rejoined Slimming World and managed to shift three stone. During the latter part of lockdown, however, my weight loss stalled, and I’ve been struggling to focus on fitness ever since. But now that I have something fun to look forward to next year, I really wanted to get started again, so I worked out that if I lose an average of 2lb a week between now and the middle of May, I will lose five more stone, and I’ll be much fitter and healthier for an adventurous summer of fun. I think that’s doable!


BuJo with EBDUK stickers  BuJo with EBDUK stickers


What’s this got to do with stickers? I hear you ask. Well, now that I’ve got a goal, I need to plan how I’m going to achieve that goal. As they say, a goal without a plan is just a wish! So, today, I set up an A5 travellers notebook with three inserts. One is an official Slimming World book, one is a notebook in which I’m going to plan and track my weight loss, and the other is a notebook in which I’m going to explore my goal and plan next summer’s adventures. Of course, plans require stickers, so I have once again enlisted the help of Penguin Joe, and he’s appearing on every page of my notebooks to brighten up my plans and cheer me on.


Bullet Journal with EBDUK stickers 


Over the next few weeks, as I get back into the swing of things, I’ll add more information and ideas to each of my pages. I hope to add recipes and maybe create a vision board or two. Once I’ve worked out a daily maintenance plan, I’ll transfer over the habits I want to track to the wellness tracker in my bullet journal. And I’ll most likely use some List It Track It stickers to help me focus on a few specific habits at a time. I’m sure the need for more stickers will arise as my journey progresses – I’ll share pics along the way.


BuJu with Health stickers from EBDUK


Do you use stickers to help with your health and fitness? I’m always looking for ideas, so do let me know in the comments.


Until next time … Happy Stickerating! x


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Bujo with EBDUK stickers