Monthly, Weekly, Daily planning process

By Creative Planning Team Member - Sharon Gubby


Time is a precious commodity and it's easy to let it run away from us. I'm trying to make sure that I have time to plan in the things I really want to do amongst those things I have to do.  It's really been helping to have monthly, weekly and daily layout views so that I can see the bigger picture and then be able to allocate time on a daily basis for what's important. Here's how I'm using each layout to help me do that.


Monthly Layout:

Monthly EC layout with EBDUK stickers

I use this as a catch all and a complete overview of everything timed that is coming up. Appointments, birthdays, anniversaries, trips and longer events. Having everything in one place helps me to plan out my week to week time and to keep a balance of busy and fun. The monthly skeleton and extras sheets are excellent for changing the weekly start date for each week and re-dating the boxes.


Weekly layout:

Weekly EC Hourly layout with EBDUK stickers

A vertical EC planner has been my planner of choice for 7/8 years, with dabbling into other layouts occasionally. However, I made a big change this year for my main planner and chose the hourly layout. With my DD now at University and my DS having moved out my planner has become more 'my space' and less a family organiser. The hourly layout allows me to time block my tasks and projects and give me an excellent overview of the week - again to retain a balance of busy and fun.


Daily layout:

Daily Duo EC layout with EBDUK stickers

Here is where the 'work horse' part of my planning system comes in.  At the moment I add things in day to day. Tasks, appointments, 'want to dos' - but after some inspiration from one of my favourite planners and sticker makers I'm going to add all the timed appointments and events in at the beginning of the mont from the monthly layout which will make moving things from day to day easier. I don't really worry too much how my daily pages look. Some days are pen only, some really pretty and some a complete eclectic mix of odds and ends - I love it. 


In conclusion:

The mix of the monthly, weekly and daily layouts give me a great 'top down' view of how my time is planning out and means nothing gets missed. It also stops overwhelm.


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