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Monthly Sticker Subscriptions

By The Creative Planning Team

Did you know we now offer a monthly planner sticker subscription? There are lots of options available, and you can save up to 20% by subscribing, although there is a one off purchase option available too. 

This week the whole CPT is getting together to share their thoughts on the new EBDUK Monthly subscriptions, which choices they've made and how they are using them.

First though, here's a sneak peek for October's theme - sign up by 28th September to secure your spot! 

Sneak peek of October EBDUK Sticker Subscriptions


Korrie-ann Peters:

I’m really excited about the #stickerateMONTHLY kits, a surprise through the letter box every month, who wouldn’t be excited right?!

I have chosen the 4 sheet exclusive Mini Kit, mainly because I need all the stickers. I am using the EC A5 Agenda so have chosen the medium size sheets as I can also use these in my Hobonichi or bullet journal too. This month's theme is perfect with the bumblebees and celebrates what it means to be part of this great community that Rachel has created.

Monthly sticker subscription from EBDUK in an EC file



Suzanne Roberts:

I went with the 4 page mini kit classic for my #stickerateMONTHLY subscription and I have to say its worked out perfectly for my Erin Condren LifePlanner format. A fantastic mixture of both decorative and functional coordinating stickers. The choice allowed me to play with my weekly layout trying a no white space approach, which can use up a lot of stickers to be honest, but on this occasion still left me with a decent amount of washi strips and stickers to use on another spread....bonus! 

Monthly sticker subscription from EBDUK for EC LifePlanner


Robyn Dexter-Attwood:

After much indecision, I ended up with both the medium weekly and medium monthly subscriptions. I am so glad I did because of the sheer number of stickers you end up with!

I really like being able to go over the top with stickers in the weekly spread in my small Passion Planner. Having a tick box for routines is a lovely addition and having smaller labels to add notes for the day is a lovely addition. It also great having so many to add to my monthly views for things like bills and reminders as well as the appointments. There is so much left, I think I can get at least another weekly spread and a daily spread out of the selection available. I had contemplated saving it but I couldn’t resist and it ended up in my planner within an hour of it arriving!

Monthly subscription from EBDUK in a Passion Planner   Monthly sticker subscription from EBDUK in a Passion Planner


Sharon Gubby:

I absolutely love the fact that I can have a subscription to my favourite sticker shop. It's even better that I get a surprise on each month's theme.

I chose the 'Monthly View Kit (2 pages) / Classic 1' and the 'Functional Kit (2 pages) / Classic (Weekly Core)'. It gives me a wonderful mixture of monthly and weekly stickers for my Erin Condren Hourly LifePlanner.  Here is the weekly core kit on my October notes page. I used the long extra wide strip of pattern from the monthly kit and cut it onto a contoured strip to edge my page.

EBDUK Monthly subscription for EC Planner


Tracy Macheta:

I was absolutely thrilled when Rachel announced that she was going to offer a monthly sticker subscription because that means guaranteed happy mail. Every. Single. Month. Woohoo! 

I selected the 2 sheet medium monthly view kit which I’ll use in my Erin Condren A5 Daily Duo planner. The first subscription stickers in September 2021 were all about bees and I definitely got a buzz (see what I did there?) using them for November’s monthly pages. I find that November can be quite a gloomy month with the dark nights and cold, wet weather so I love how vibrant the pages look now with the yellow, aqua and blue stickers in place. I can’t wait to see what the coming months’ stickers are going to be like. Once I’ve decided which planners I’ll be using in 2022, I may well add another subscription. After all, someone has to ensure that the postie has work to do!

Monthly sticker subs from EBDUK in an EC



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