Monthly Planning Process

by Creative Planning Team - Robyn Dexter-Attwood
When we get to the middle of each month, I like to get my Passion Planner monthly spread set up and ready for the next one. It’s the one spread that hasn’t really changed during the past three years and I love being able to look back on them all completed at the end of the year. Here’s a little step by step of my process.
Choose stickers!
Stickers for Passion Planner from EBDUK

This is always the starting point. Sometimes it may be linked to an event for the month, the season or just because I like it! I always use the monthly skeleton and usually the monthly extras as well. This month I’m using the Booklover collection because I just like it and I like the colours. At this point, I also choose three or four mildliners and matching flairs to use on the spread.
Colour stripes across the daily boxes:
Monthly layout with EBDUK stickers in a Passion Planner
For those of you familiar with my spreads, I use the daily boxes to record responses to the gratitude challenge each month. I use a highlighted strip of colour at the top of each box to write in the daily prompt and I do this before putting any of the stickers down.
Sticker time!:
This is the fun bit and I usually do this in the same order: day covers, sidebar, washi strips and the date stickers. I love watching it build up and seeing the decorating yet empty spread ready to be filled in.

Monthly sidebar from EBDUk for Passion Planner

This is where I record the more functional things for the month such as appointments and important dates for anything personal or household related.
Project boxes:
Project boxes for Passion Planner from EBDUK
At the bottom of the page there are project boxes which I retitle and use for specific things. One is usually for recording the focus for each Guide meeting during the month. Another is usually used to record things for Creative Planning Team tasks. This year, I have a goal planner so I’m dedicating the other two to my goals for the month.
Anything else:
Passion Planner and stickers from EBDUK
I usually finish off with writing in the prompts for the month for each day. I also add in anything I’ve forgotten! I rarely finish a spread and have everything on it

    So, there is a little glimpse into my planning routine. As you’re reading this, I’ll probably be thinking about setting up March and the process will look the same – although a different collection of stickers!



    Coming Next week:

    Katie Teage - 2022 one month in - Time for a custom order!

    Well, we’ve reached the start of February and I’ve already ‘kind of’ changed my planning system at least twice! This is the beauty of rings, I’ve moved things around and switched inserts a few times - and probably will again before I publish this blog 🤣

    I seem to be very busy with work, family, house and personal projects already this year (January is normally quite slow for me) and keeping track of it all is a challenge. 


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