Monthly Plan with Me - 'Whatever Next'

By Creative Planning Team Member - Kylie Ashby 

*whispers* So, I think the planner funk might be lifting, folks!

BuJo setup with EBDUK stickers 


Something has clicked this week and I have realised why I’ve been feeling all over the place – it’s because I need to actually plan! The structure it gives me during the week supports my mental health as well as helping me to remember things – who knew? 😉


BuJo Monthly setup with EBDUK stickers 

I’m still loving using my Bullet Journal because of the flexibility it gives me and I had a lovely half an hour or so setting up my monthly spread for August in my bullet journal and this week I have recorded it so you can see my thought process. I like to keep things quite simple on my monthly spread - I’ve used the Whatever Next Collection A5 monthly, plus the deco sheet from the same collection, as well as the Days of the Week stickers from EBDUK. I hope you enjoy the planning and nattering (planattering?!) on the video.

Enjoy, Kylie x



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BuJo setup with EBDUk Stickers - video by Kylie Ashby