Mindfulness Planning

By Creative Planning Team - Helen Worsfold


Do what makes you happy!

Last month I shared how I have started to use my A5. This month I thought I would share with you why my stickerating and planning makes me happy.  I am writing this blog at the end of “Mental Health week”, so as I start to write this blog I gave some thought to how stickerating helps my mental health.  I thought I would explore what makes me happy in planning. I wonder how many of these ring a bell with you too?

EBDUK stickers and reusable sticker books


  • Creative thinking:  Sitting down daily, weekly, or monthly and spending time to be creative, playing with colour.
  • Mindfulness planning:  Spending time to think through my ideas, to do list & goals, helps me feel in control of my life. Just writing it down puts chaos into order.
  • Journaling & Practising Gratitude:   Helps me put my thoughts and life into order and perspective and helps keep my mental health in order a key part of my daily routines.
  • Stationery and colour.  Since being a child going to WH Smith with my pocket money always made me happy.  Who knew that as an adult I would be so inspired to part with my money for stationery and stickers.
  • Community:  As with all hobbies it's great to feel a sense of community through the difference Facebooks groups and planner meet ups.  This month there has been a great buzz around the Erin Condren planner launch.


This month I have been really focussed on “selfcare”, both in terms of having time off work for an operation and then changing my role at work and preparing myself to take on a new challenge. As well as looking at what needs to change in my life to find balance.  The last month has given me clear headspace, and my planner has been my companion.  I have loved the kits both Sunny Days (from the Advent Experience Box) and Lavender over the last few months. 


New Planner Covers: 

EBDUK stickers and new 7x9 planner covers from EC

In love, well like many of us, I might have placed an order or (2,3,4) from Erin Condren.  Right now, only one order has arrived and I'm eagerly awaiting my remaining orders.  For some time now I have had my eye on the beautiful “ EttaVee” covers but very sad I couldn’t get them in the UK so after watching Rachel’s blog, I found a way by using “Shipito”.   More Packages to arrive in the next week to make me happy. There has been a real hype and sense of community out there with this year’s launch.


Planning tools                                                                         
I thought I would share some of the planning tools I am using both in terms of my daily planners, I have to say loving the slimline planner binder, and the sticker books.  I also am loving the Erin Condren box file. 

Planner tools and EBDUK stickers


Planning for June – Summertime:  Stickerate Monthly

Finally, I am really looking forward to start setting out my June planning spreads.  I am going to be using two kits, the May 2022 Stickerate kits which is all blues and yellows, I also went through my Sticker stash and have decided to also use “Sunny Days” from the 2021 Advent Experience Box, both are great kits complementing each other, where is the time going 2022 is moving so fast this year.  

EBDUK #stickerateMONTHLY collection for all planners


Here’ a little video:  My Planner flip through, Enjoy. 


Thank you for reading  - Helen . x


Coming Next Week:

By Creative Planning Team - Korrie Peters
Sunny Days

Do you follow the Gratitude posts on the EllieBeth designs community Facebook group, one f my latest prompts was Favourite scent. “I love the smell of fresh strawberries, reminds me of my childhood picking berries on the berry fields. As soon as we were old enough you got to go in the packing house instead to pack them ready to be sent to stores. Marks and Spencer’s had to be a perfect shape, Tesco wasn’t as fussy then any left over or misshapes went to market. You couldn’t eat as many in the pack house than you could out in the field though haha “. 


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