Mid Year Planner Review

Planner stack for EBDUK stickers

I began this year with a newish line up which included my Erin Condren lifeplanner vertical layout frankenplanned with my Erin Condren Daily duo along with 2 new introductions of an Erin Condren Pocket planner and an Aura Estelle cloud planner with vertical layout. I have to say this last lockdown during the cold winter months has certainly impacted the way I'm using planners and has really made me think about what to continue in the future. 

EC planner and EBDUK stickers

Something I will never move away from will be the ECLP vertical layout. I still enjoy using this planner and I love creating weekly and monthly layouts. Saying that, I have recently changed my style of planning in it. Less writing, more characters and icon stickers and the use of foiled and non foiled scripts to highlight events etc. 

EC planner and EBDUk stickers

But my vertical layout using sticker collections has not changed much at all. I still purchase the same sticker sheets for my layouts, so weekly core, half boxes, sidebar and headers and I'm all sorted. Finishing off my spreads with washi top and bottom (as always) and a sprinkle of beautiful deco designs and I'm in planner spread heaven.

Bullet journal and EBDUK stickers

The introduction this year of the Erin Condren pocket planner was a lovely addition to my planner set up. I love the simplicity and chunky softbound feel of this planner. With the horizontal format being a welcome change. The mini weeks and mini months collections have worked perfectly in this planner and giving me such joy to get weeks ahead in this planner.

EC daily duo and EBDUK stickers

My Aura Estelle cloud planner has unfortunately become a little redundant. Don't get me wrong this planner is stunningly gorgeous but unfortunately it's just so big and cumbersome. I was trying each week to find something to use it for which also meant I wasn't using it daily.
Now comes the dilemma for the next 12 months......'To Daily plan or not to Daily plan?', is the question. I love the memory keeping format in the daily duo and the to do list is an essential tool for me as a list maker. But which format to go for, is the dilemma I'm facing. 

EBDUK sticker storage

I couldn't end this blog without a mention of the changes I've made to my EllieBeth Designs stickerating organisation.

The introduction of the reusable sticker album has revolutionised my filing system.

Instead of having half sticker sheets of left overs hanging around I can now move all of my leftover stickers into this wonderful album which is easy to carry around so I have a collection of stickers ready to use. Genius!

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Mid year planner review with EBDUK stickers