Meet the new CPT Members

By New Creative Planning Team Members

We have three new members joining us on the CPT from November and this week we're giving them a chance to introduce themselves and tell everyone a little bit about themselves and their planner style.

They all bring something different to the team and I am really looking forward to working with them and learning more about their planning journeys. Grab a brew and meet the new members. Sharon 😊


Katie Teage


EBDUK stickers in a ring planner

I’m so glad to be back on the EBDUK CPT and this time I am a firm user of a personal ring planner. I've been in rings for about a year now and I love it.  For me it’s the flexibility and what comes with that flexibility is creativity.  And what comes with that is stickers!!  I’ve been changing my inserts up quite regularly; week on one page, week on two, horizontal, vertical, but at the moment I am using a dutch door system.  It’s been great for daily to-do lists and appointments at the top.  With all of these inserts I’ve used the same selection of sheets. These are Mini Weeks, Mini Months and the new small kit options from the #stickerateMonthly subscription and WNW releases,  I’ve found I can make my stickers go a lot further too. 

EBDUK Christmas stickers for a personal rung planner


Helen Worsfold


Ringed planner with EBDUK stickers

It’s great to be sharing a little bit about my planner set up.  As I join the EBDUK CPT for 2021/22.

I have been using EBDUK Stickers since 2019.  Originally I came across them when I owned a wool shop “Poppy’s” which I have now closed , I wanted to find Crochet and knitting stickers and came across the “Attic 24 Cal stickers”.  I gradually became more and more addicted to the stickers, always having a love of both rainbow colours and then using Penguin Joe.  EllieBeth design now seems to dominate my sticker purchases every month.  I stickerate because I love to bring colour to both my work and home planners every day they make me happy.  

Welcome to an insight into my planning.

Planner stack with EBDUK stickers 

I keep three different planners

Work Planner – A5 Coiled Erin Condren planner  which I frankenplanned – Daily Duo and Weekly Planner with just two months at a time coiled together. This month I have used 2 monthly kits  - October #stickerateMonthly kit & the charity kit Grandma’s Garden

Home Planner - A5 Erin Condren Daily Duo  (this allows me to take the individual sheets out with me when I need to travel to London for work). I used Hot Chocolate for this one.

Annual Monthly -  A5 Erin Condren  - at the end of the month I like to capture the key points of the month.  I used Harvest Time here – I think this has been on of my favourite kits this year

I am hoping that “The Poppy’s “ last weeks WNW#  will arrive in time for 11/11.  As I am looking forward to using this for Remembrance Sunday.

Looking forward to sharing more of my planning with you with this year.  Delighted to be part of the creative design team .


Angelique Patnett


Hi Everyone, Angelique here. Firstly let me say I’m super excited to be a part of the CPT for 21/22. After watching different CPT groups over the years create a positive space for us, I though I’d give it a go. I live in a small village in Kent with my husband and Missy the cat. When writing this blog post I thought of all the things I’ve read about the different team members and decided to write about a planner community favourite, my planner stack.

Planner stack with EBDUK stickers

I didn’t think I had much of a stack until I gathered all the planners, I tried in 2021 and realised I was in denial 😊. Three things I have learned this year are that I love change, a dot grid notebook is my jam and there is no planner peace in sight for me yet! Planner peace for me is the perfect weekly layout which continues to elude me. If you look at my posts, you will rarely see two weekly layouts the same but that’s the joy of a blank notebook you get to try it all while staying in the same planner.

From bottom to top,

  • an A5 William Hannah leather disc bound planner,
  • Archive steel silver rings from William Hannah,
  • the very first hard bound Bullet Journal notebook from Leuchtturm1917 in Teal,
  • Burgundy A5 Leuchtturm dot grid notebook,
  • Orange B6 Leuchtturm dot grid notebook
  • My Dinky dotgrid Archer and Olive notebook,

My favourite planning tools are a reusable sticker book, and A5 binder to keep all my stickers organised. A pair of scissors, a 6-inch ruler and a rainbow of fine tip markers to help me to measure, mark out and cut to size anything I want to decorate my planner. I have also had a new addition this year, this gorgeous pouch, hand made by Rachel which come in the experience boxes. This roomy pouch has been a life saver, it keeps all my planner tools and stickerating essentials all in one place.

Planner tools with EBDUK stickers

I look forward to showing you my spreads using the beautiful stickers Rachel designs each month.


You can find Katie, Angelique, Helen and the rest of the Creative Planning Team and all of their social media links HERE.