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Don't forget the Monthly Layouts!

By Creative Planning Team - Tracy Macheta


When I first started what I call “proper planning” back in early 2018, using stickers was something that was new to me. I’ve always had some sort of diary or planner in use over my 35 years of marriage but sometimes (well, frequently) their use fizzled out after a few months because they were so plain, dull and unmemorable. That wasn’t a problem as I prided myself on my excellent memory so if I hadn’t written something down I’d remember it anyway.


Fast forward to 2013, when I sustained a serious head injury in a road traffic accident. One lasting effect of this (apart from the titanium plate in my leg!) was that my short-term memory didn’t seem to be as good. I needed a fool proof way of remembering events, appointments, anniversaries etc because I would frequently forget.


Monthly EC A5 Daily Duo layout with EBDUK stickers 

In 2018, I discovered Erin Condren life planners and EllieBeth Designs stickers and I can honestly say that I never looked back! Daily tasks and other activities were dutifully logged in my planners (of course, I have 2 or 3 that I use for different things) with stickers to make things stand out.


However, I found myself focusing so much on my daily and weekly “stuff”, that until recently, I completely neglected the monthly spreads in my planners. Crazy, right? After all, a monthly view is so helpful when making appointments so you don’t double-book things. I had just never got into the routine of checking my monthly pages every day. I’d stickerate them so they looked pretty, but that was it!


EC Daily Duo A5 with EBDUK stickers 


I have therefore made a concerted effort with my Erin Condren A5 Daily Duo which I started in July. Not only do I now fully utilise the monthly pages, I’ve also got into the habit of using the monthly dashboard pages too. When you have a memory that’s as iffy as mine, there is no such thing as too many reminders.


As my Daily Duo is for work and home stuff (so much easier having one planner for both), I mix and match the stickers I use and so most months have a combination of skinny appointment labels, rainbow small box stickers R170, washi and decorative stickers. The basic layout each month is done using the A5 monthly kit and I try to colour match the other stickers to whatever the theme is for each month.


EC A5 Daily Duo monthly dashboard with EBDUK stickers 


Although EllieBeth does make stickers for the monthly dashboard pages, I’ve tended to use washi and any leftover stickers from different sheets to make these look good. Basically, no sticker is ever left behind – you can always find somewhere to put a few!


I’m now so organised that my Daily Duo is stickerated up to and including November this year. That’s what I call “planner peace”.


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