Looking Forward

 By Creative Planning Team Member - Kylie Ashby

At the beginning of a new school year, my new work planner naturally makes my mind wander to thoughts of a new personal planner in a few short months. So many of us are thinking hard about what we want in a planner for 2021 and some very organised planner people have already purchased theirs (if you are one of these people, I salute you!)

This is a time of potential, possibility and positivity as a planner person (say that three times quickly!) and it has prompted me to sit and have a think about why we plan in the first place. Therefore, in the style of a chart countdown, ‘from’ Top of the Pops from the olden days, I give you, the top five reasons I plan.


EBDUK stickers in a monthly layout


5) To remember things

I do not have a great memory, especially when I am busy. I have learned, over the years, that writing things down helps me to remember stuff (who knew, right?) Also, it stops me worrying whether there’s anything that I might have forgotten because I know I’ve written it down. Which leads me to…


Pretty stickers from EBDUK


4) To support my mental health.

Planning my time out helps me to prioritise my time. It means that I can see at a glance when a week is going to be hard work and so I might need to plan in a bit more self-care or when I might have more time to indulge my passions for a bit of R&R. It also means I can look back and see that I have, in fact, achieved something, even when my brain might be telling me I’ve got nothing done and been terribly unproductive.


Monthly layout with EBDUK stickers


3) To stay on top of the housework:

I do not enjoy housework. At all. However, unless I want to live in a hovel, it needs to be done. I don’t like to devote too much planner space to it though, so tend to aim for a room a day, using one of the stickers from the list it and track it sheet, or a star checklist. If I don’t get the room done on the day I planned, that’s OK – I just aim to have it ticked off by the end of the week.

2) To relax

I really enjoy the time I spend decorating my planner(s). I enjoy the mindfulness of drawing out a bullet journal layout, laying down washi strips or laying down date numbers on a monthly layout. That time spent Stickerating is time well spent in so many ways


Decorating a planner with EBDUK stickers


1) Because I like sticking stickers in my planner!

I’ve always been a sticker fan. Even from infant school, I used to get so excited to be allowed to go into the corner shop with a friend on the way home from school and buy some stickers – sparkly, scratch and sniff, you name it, I wanted it – and I’m still the same!


What do you enjoy most about planning? What keeps you going with it?


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 2021 personal rings and EBDUK stickers