Life Cycle of an A5 Core Sheet

By Creative Planning Team Member - Natalie Bowers


Hello, stickeraters! It’s me, Natalie. This month, on the blog, I wanted to share how I get the most out of one of my favourite sticker sheets: the A5 Core sheet. It’s almost inevitable that not every sticker on a sheet will be used the first time around, so I’ve created a little system for making sure that, ultimately, no sticker is left behind.


Firstly, when my A5 Core sheet arrives, I slip it into a poly pocket and add it to the A5 Core sheet section of my A5 sticker binder. Sometimes, I get an A5 Core sheet as part of a mini essentials kit. When that happens, I add the whole kit to the same poly pocket in the A5 Core sheet section, just to keep everything together.


A5 core sheet from EBDUK


Next, when it comes time to use the A5 Core sheet, I set up my weekly schedule with whatever stickers I need from it, and then I peel off the excess sticker paper, punch the backing paper and insert it into my bullet journal, so that if I need more stickers during the week, they are to hand.


A5 core sheet from EBDUK


After that, once the week is done and I have used all the stickers I need, I put what’s left of the A5 Core sheet back into its poly pocket (along with any other sheets from the same collection) and move it to the BACK of the Daily Log section of my sticker binder. This is where I keep my Days and Days sheets and any other leftover sheets that could be used to set up my daily logs.


Decorative stickers from EBDUK


Lastly, when setting up the daily logs in my bullet journal, I take sheets from the FRONT of the Daily Log section of my sticker binder. Once I’ve finished setting up a week’s worth of daily logs, I move those stickers to the BACK of my Daily Log section. This way, all the different collections of stickers (made up from whatever sheets and leftovers I have) cycle through my sticker binder which keeps my bullet journal fresh and makes sure everything eventually gets used. Once I have used absolutely everything I can use from this section of my sticker binder, I take any leftover stickers and add them to my reusable sticker album, which I keep in my planner pouch. This is very useful, as it means I can grab whatever I need whenever I need it for whatever spread I’m working on.


No sticker left behind


So, that’s how I get the most out of my A5 Core sheet - and all my sticker sheets really! How about you? How do you make sure no sticker is left behind?

Thanks for reading. Until next time … keep stickerating!

Love Natalie x


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