By Creative Planning Team Member - Vic Walters

I love the samplers we get with our EllieBeth Designs UK happy mail don’t you? So many different designs and the perfect size to pop in our planner, pencil cases, etc. for on the go planning. They’re so handy I’ve also topped up my collection with the mini sampler grab bags.

So I decided to make a mini sampler sticker book to keep them all together. So here’s an easy tutorial on how I made it.

Sticker making book kit

So here’s what I used to make it. Obviously my stack of sampler sheets, an arc punch, two mini discs, a paper trimmer (or scissors if you don’t have one), corner rounder if you like rounded corners, some scraps of thin card, and a Penguin Joe die cut to decorate.

Sticker book making

Firstly I cut the cover. I’d got some left over Christmas paper scraps from Mrs Brimbles, but they had penguins on one side for the back cover. The plainer side is perfect for the front with a Penguin Joe die cut for decoration.

How to make a sticker book for Penguin Joe

Next it’s time to punch. Position your samplers to get two arc punches in the centre of the top edge. If you haven’t got an arc punch you could use a normal single hole punch to make two holes and hold everything together with treasury tags.

Penguin Joe sticker book

I like rounded edges so I use a small corner punch to do this. I prepare my covers and stick the Penguin Joe die cut to the front. You could laminate your covers at this stage too.

So now all you have to do is use the 2 mini discs to put it all together.

Penguin Joe sticker book

And voila, an on the go mini sampler sticker book. Hope you enjoy making yours.

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How to make a Penguin Joe sticker book