Journalling and Planning

By Creative Planning Team Member - Robyn Dexter-Attwood


For me there is a strong link between journaling and planning and they often merge into one. Using a planner as a record of what has happened as well as a tracker for things to reflect on is something that I have realised works for me. Here are some of the ways that I have incorporated journalling into my planners. 

Passion Planner with journalling and Penguin Joe 

Gratitude Journalling:

Monthly gratitude - Passion Planner, EBDUK stickers

This is an easy one to start with. The monthly gratitude prompts have been a thing for a while now and for me, I enjoy using my monthly spread to record these, using the monthly skeleton sheets to create a colourful theme. It's an easy way to start recording gratitude and gives a lovely page to look back at each month. Using a daily planner regularly, I also try to include something at the end of each day as part of my reflection on how the day has gone.


Line a day:

EC Daily Duo A5 and EBDUK stickers

Another simple way of journalling is to add a line a day. It could be anything – a positive, a feeling, a piece of gratitude, something worth remembering. I use a different colour pen to add in my journal comments for the day. This could be one line at the end of the day on a horizontal spread or a line filling a space in my hourly set up. Another way to set up a line a day is to use a half box to make it stand out. 


Longhand Journaling:

Gratitude in a Passion Planner daily with EBDUK stickers

This is something that I have done in my bullet journal as part of daily logs, but at the moment forms part of my Passion Planner Daily spreads. This is one of those things that promoted to help mental health and spending a few minutes at the end of each day with my daily doing this is an enjoyable part of my routine.


Memory keeping:

Memory keeping in an EC Horizontal with EBDUk stickers

This can take many forms and is individual to all of us. Whether its having a dedicated planner or just incorporating it into your regular planner it can be a really fun way to add some colour and journaling. For me, adding in Penguin Joe or different larger boxes helps add in different things beyond the plans. I also fill in space in my hourly timeline where I don’t have things in the space. It’s not always exciting, but I like the space to be filled.


That’s some of the ways I build journalling into my planner. For me it makes it a creative reflective tool as well as just an everyday planner.


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