It’s a Ring Thing!

By Creative Planning Team Member - Natalie Bowers


This time last month, I watched Rachel’s ‘Planner Evaluation Session videos on YouTube, and looked on, enrapt, as she went through all her different planners and shared her pros and cons for each. It didn’t come as much of a surprise that Rachel ended up back in rings though, but what did come as a surprise was that I started hankering for set of rings of my own!


I can’t remember the last time I used a ring-bound planner - it was probably in the 80’s when Filofaxes were first all the rage. I didn’t have a Filofax to hand, but I did have a ring-bound planner that I’d picked up at Wilkos and was using to store notes from a particular project. Well, out went those notes, and in went some dot-grid paper that I’d reclaimed from a half-used Leuchtturm1917 notebook. I used one of the original planner pages as a guide and punched the six required holes, which worked a charm.

Next, I set up for May using sheets from the gorgeous EBDUK Honey collection. Even with the rings in the middle, I could still draw out my calendar and use the A5 Monthly View sheet to create my monthly log.


EllieBeth Designs Stickers in a ring planner


I wanted to keep my set up much the same as it would have been in a notebook, so that’s what I did. I used washi strips as foundations for the titles at the tops of my pages and layered on banners, headers and deco to make them look pretty. I also included the Life Review sticker that I talked about in my last blog post.


Headers and lists EBDUK stickers in Rings


When we had ‘Rainbow Week’ in the EBDUK Facebook group, I decided try out a weekly spread in my new rings. I really love how it turned out. The columns were the perfect width for the Header Event Label Stickers and Rainbow Date Covers.


Rainbow layout with EBDUK stickers


As I’ve been doing recently, I’ve been using one page a day in my dailies section, and this still suits me in rings. It gives me space for all my events, tasks and notes, as well as half-boxes for gratitude, while preventing my days from feeling too full and busy. Penguin Joe also makes a regular appearance on my dailies too.


Lots of Lists with EBDUK stickers


One week, I used the List It Track It sheet to help me keep a close eye on a few specific habits. I love how clean and simple this looks, and how uncomplicated it was to set up.


Using lists stickers in my planner - EBDUK style


As well as keeping my monthlies, weeklies and dailies in my rings, I’ve also created a section for journaling and a section for collections, such as a list of all the evening meals I make for my family (which makes meal planning a lot easier) and lists of art and craft and YouTube ideas. I had all these in my bullet journal notebooks, but now I’m in rings, I can easily add new collections and remove out-of-date collections. At the back of my planner, I’ve also got some spare sheets of dot grid paper, ready punched so I can add them to the relevant section as and when I need them.


Notes pages in a ring planner


Speaking of sections, I’ve created some dividers from scrapbook paper to help me find everything. I must have a look at the EBDUK website to see which Creative Packs Rachel has in stock. I’ve got another hankering, and this time it’s for acetate and vellum as well as card stock!


So, I guess you can tell that I love being back in rings. In fact, I’m wondering why I ever left, but I guess you don’t know what you like best until you’ve tried a few other things.


Until next time … Happy stickerating! xxx


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