Rediscovering Icons

By Creative Planning Team Member - Suzanne Roberts

I'm not sure about everyone else, but over just a couple of years I have built up quite a sticker collection and for me, character and icon stickers make up about three quarters of it.

Icon Planning with EBDUk Stickers in an EC

I decided to organise my sticker collections using new binders and reusable sticker books and it really highlighted that I wasn't using my stickers to their full potential. I was using the same stickers for the same spreads and I needed a change. 

EllieBeth Icon stickers in an EC

Teardrops and layering became my first mission. I had so many teardrops in a range of gorgeous colours but I never knew what to do with them. I found some fantastic ideas on Instagram with layering stickers. Script stickers seemed a great way to start as again I had so many unused scripts. Once I began using these together I fell in love with how these just popped off the page.

Penguin Joe from EBDUK in an EC

Colour matching icons - now I used these but it was always the same ones and I had pages and pages full of them. I had even bought full rainbow icon pages which had hardly been used. I began incorporating these not just into my weekly vertical spreads but my pocket planner and my monthly planning pages in both planners. 

EBDUK stickers in an EC Daily Duo

Penguin Joe, bless him! I had neglected him for some time and I had a fantastic array of different ones. My daily planning as well as my weekly planning became a fantastic opportunity to utilise my vast volume I had accumulated. With the use of my reusable sticker book I was also able to start using up the odd bits of collections I had left, like ends of washi strips, check boxes and odd decorative pieces. Together these really brightened up my daily spreads.

EBDUK stickers on an EC vertical

I had found a new planner style which really worked for me and it meant instead of writing down the same things everyday I could express my day in a different way. I was no longer afraid to share my #afterthepen spreads. Planning became fun again I found myself looking for tasks just so I could use up the stickers. So why not change your planner style up a bit and see how much fun you can find! 

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