I didn't plan! Am I a bad person?!

by Katie Teage, Design Team member



I love my planner. It organises my life, my brain and even my mood! It’s aesthetically pleasing, it's a hobby, it’s helped me meet loads of like minded people and drained my bank account! I spend time with it, I work on it and with it, it goes everywhere with me. But sometimes life gets in the way.

I recently experienced this BIG TIME.

Many factors hit me in one go:
  • Work suddenly became very busy; I work for myself and as the end of term crept in many projects all over the country culminated at once.
  • I invested lots of time into my YouTube channel and wanted this to be of a high standard and this took up way more time than I thought it would.
  • After two years of trying we finally found out that we were pregnant!
Passion Planner

I felt like my life had been flip turn upside down (everyone likes a Fresh Prince of Bel Air quote!) and I didn’t know if I was coming or going. I couldn’t find the time to sticker my planner, or even write in it! I couldn’t keep up with YouTube and Instagram and the planner guilt was creeping in fast! I still saw everyone’s beautiful planners and organised lives whilst mine was in a mess around me.

I decided I needed to completely regroup, reassess and work out what I needed a planner for. I was a dedicated A6 TN user... I loved the TN system but I realised that I was only using one insert. My weekly planner - and I wasn’t really using that well at all. So I just stopped using it. I didn’t rush out and buy a new planner straight away. I waited to see what I needed in my week.

I went right back to basics. I had a lined piece of A4 for lists and my iCal. I lived like this for about a month. I thought it had gone digital but then I started to remember what originally drew me to planning - the functional visual.

It was then that I knew that I needed to go back to seeing a week on a page! I needed structure and times and I needed colour. This is where EBDUK comes in. I went back through my collection and found the monthly colour sheets that Rachel has and started planning again in my newly purchased passion planner (thanks Robyn!) and suddenly I could see what I needed again. I wasn’t focused on the overall look of the week just how it would work for me. I very quickly moved back to a kit! But just using what I needed at that time and not trying to ‘over pretty’ or over think how it would look on Instagram - this is my week and needs to work for me. As if by magic Rachel brought out her new kit formats which just totally work for how I want to plan now. I can be really specific with what I want to use and just buy that! Bonus!

Passion planner with stickers

I’m now working with pencil a lot. Forward planning and then going back to stickerate if needed. This is working really well at the moment too (top tip! Light pencil + good rubber = happy planner! )

In conclusion this rambling blog is saying that whatever happens each week, what ever life throws at you, if you're up, dressed and washed that is a massive bonus and the planner can wait if it needs to. Work out what works for you, don’t feel pressure to keep up and use your planner so it works for you and not what you think people will want to see.

Passion planner name sticker

Happy planning lovely people!

Katie xox