How the Planner Community Helps me with Anxiety

by Linsay, McGarva, Design Team member


I have anxiety -  postnatal anxiety to be specific -  although if I’m honest I’ve always been a “worrier”. I was diagnosed 12 weeks after the birth of my twins in 2016 and required medication in order to manage it. 


I don’t want to go into too many details as I know posts like this can be triggering for people and I wouldn’t want that, but please know I am more than happy to be messaged privately if you’d like to chat. What I will say is that my anxiety centres around control, or lack of control and how that relates to my children and my life.


In order to regain some of that control back I turned to planning and more so, stickers. You may be wondering how paper and stickers can possibly help anxiety. For me the fact I could sit and plan out my day/week/month down to tiniest detail and how I wanted, helped. It might not always go to plan but that’s okay, the very fact that I had a plan in the first place helped.



I’ve had a “planner” for as long as I can remember. first I just used plain ol paper and a pen, I’d write lists of what I wanted to achieve that day or week and I’d cross them off, then it developed into more structured planners. I bought a personal Filofax domino in 2014 with regular inserts which I used regularly,  until my other half bought me some really nice dividers and inserts for my birthday.


Then came the stickers, I bought a LOT at first, from lots of shops, trying to figure out my style and who I liked; what I liked, what I didn’t like; if I was a white space planner or no white space -  the list was endless.


I found EllieBeth Designs UK in November 2017 and to be honest I can't remember how or through who but I did! I joined the EBD Facebook group and found what felt like a cosy room full of the kindest, sweetest people, all sitting with cups of tea and cake and a shared interest in planning and stickers. I placed my first order from EBD for two Christmas kits and I’ve continued to buy from EBD almost monthly and be active in the group.



My friends, my family, my wonderful other half, they know I’m a planner but they don’t “get” it. They encourage me to do what I want and they think its good that I have something to focus my energy into but they don’t share the interest which is why I am so thankful for the planner community. Specifically I am thankful for the EllieBethDesigns community, it’s a very positive and motivating place to be, there’s no drama, there’s no negativity, just a group of people sharing the same love of planning and of course STICKERS. When I’m feeling overwhelmed or particularly anxious I pull my planners out and even if I don’t have time to do anything, just looking at my decorated week helps massively.


I applied to join the Design Team for EBD and was overjoyed when Rachel emailed asking me to be part of her team. I never in a million years expected it and to be honest I filled in the application several times before actually submitting. I’m now part of a team promoting stickers and positivity from a company I truly love. A group which has helped me so so much in my most anxious days without even realising it and a company which I’ll support for as long as I’m a planner geek!


About Linsay
I’m 31, mum to boy/girl toddler twins and a nurse in critical care living in the West of Scotland.
I’ve always been stationery obsessed and a new school year was my favourite time because, well,  pens and notebooks! 
I found the planner community in about 2014 and have thoroughly enjoyed exploring all sorts of planners and accessories although my bank probably doesn’t agree. It’s taken me a while to find my style and to stop trying to be like everyone else but I’m finally happy with my planning style. I’ve recently started a YouTube channel to capture how I plan and what I use. 
IG - @PlannerPod
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