by Sophie Wilkinson

How stickers changed my life

I know's a bold statement to make, please bear with me while I explain.
I have used a paper planner for as long as I can remember, starting with my old Funfax, does anyone remember those?! I haven't always used stickers though, only for the last 3 or so years. I used a daily planner for a lot of years to track appointments and work shifts. 

My planner game changed when I started using my personal Filofax Malden. It's the planner that led me down the rabbit hole of the planner world and for that, it will always have a special place in my heart. I used this planner to arrange my wedding, a house move and university studies. To be able to see everything, I began colour coding which was really effective for me at the time.

It was actually on my honeymoon that I enjoyed decorative planning for the first time. I added receipts, photos and decoration to journal our travels, which I absolutely love looking back on. This is how I discovered stickers, and in particular EllieBeth Designs UKI realised I loved looking back on decorated pages more than my colour coded ones.

I still used my Filofax for a long time, but ordered an Erin Condren Life Planner just after my return from my honeymoon, and loved it from the minute it arrived! I began searching Instagram and Facebook groups, which is where such a change in my life began. 

I joined the EllieBeth Designs UK Facebook group and began following Rachel on Instagram, and was a little overwhelmed at how much of a community was around that I had known nothing about.

I was a bit tentative about my first sticker order, as it was such a different thing for me, but this is my first layout using stickers in my planner.... I was hooked! 
erin condren life planner elliebeth stickers uk
Looking back on pretty decorated pages was definitely a winner for me, but what I really loved about using stickers, was knowing other people did too. My style has changed a lot over the last few years, I believe its important to make your planner work for you, so I'm happy with that, but what hasn't changed is my love for the planner community.  

These are some little peek at parts of my planner past, ones I look back on frequently - opening up a pretty page and instantly being reminded of special times of my life.

erin condren horizontal planner elliebeth stickers
This is the reason that stickers have changed my life. Finding the EllieBeth Designs UK community, among others has gifted me a lot. To begin with, chatting with other members was a little daunting but looking back, very life changing.

Stickers have allowed me to meet some amazing and inspiring people, some of which are now my very closest friends. I feel privileged to be part of their lives , which never would have happened without....stickers. The very first time I met a fellow planner girl was at an EllieBeth Designs meet up in leeds. That greeting in the street was with hugs and the happy face of someone I had known for a long time! Stickers have given me these memories, for which I am very grateful.

erin condren horizontal planner stickers elliebeth
My current style now is very different to in the past, but stickers are still part of my daily planning routine. I plan out my day each morning now, and add in stickers for visual reminders and decoration. It makes me feel calmer knowing I have my day mapped out.

Gillio personal planner elliebeth stickers
Looking back, I realise I have gained a lot of self confidence in the last few years. I've been thinking recently about this, and wondering why. Looking back at my planners, I realised I am able to see my own personal journey in a decorative way. This has allowed me to see what has worked, what hasn't and track progress. I have been on a personal journey in the last few years, and I believe I am much more settled personally, which has totally been aided by planning and using stickers. 

It may be a bold statement, but looking back on where I am now, the people I have met and experiences I have been lucky enough to have - stickers definitely have changed my life for the better.
You can find Sophie on Instagram as @milko.plans, and on YouTube.
how stickers changed my life