Planners, penguins and cake - how they work together?

by Design Team - Sophie Ball


Penguin Joe cake by Sophie Ball 


Hello Planners & Stickeraters!

Today’s post is about how I use stickers to help with my business and my business planner.  I have my Hobonichi and my EC Hourly for my everyday planning. Then I also have a Hobonichi weeks. This planner doesn’t get photographed or shown on social media. Mainly because it’s messy with lots of scribble and not many stickers. So I don’t usually bother showing it. But this is one my most important planners – it’s for my cake business Sophie's Sweet Sensations. So I’ve decided to share how my planners help me organise myself and my business and make sure I don’t forget anyone’s orders! And what stickers I use to do this.


Hobonichi weeks and EllieBeth Designs Stickers  Hobonichi weeks layout with EBDUK stickers


So this is a usual week in my Weeks. Lots of scribble not many stickers! This is where everything gets written – to do list, cake order details, to buy lists, recipes, deliveries, collections. I have never really worried about it looking pretty or stickers but that may be about to change…..  Plus it’s a handy size to carry around.  I’m very tempted by the Hobonichi Date Covers in the shop. These may be in my basket awaiting checkout…. I really don’t like a planner without stickers. I pretty much use Penguin Joe Road Trip for deliveries, Penguin Joe & Cake for cake orders or when I need to bake a cake or make some decorations or even placing an order for supplies, Penguin Joe Pay Day stickers to mark when a deposit/payment has been received or is due and event labels/quarter/half boxes to use along side these.


Hobonichi Techo with EllieBeth Stickers


I also mark down any orders or cakes to bake, collections, deliveries in my EC and Hobonichi Techo. I pretty much duplicate these things across all the planners as it’s very important I don’t miss an order  or double book myself with other appointments. As this has been known to happen! All of my holidays and events I want to attend have been pre planned so I know when I have time to do cake orders this year. This is where the monthly view comes in handy! (I can't show this for customers details privacy). 


Erin Condren with EllieBeth Stickers


Do you use your planner to track anything important? Do you have multiple planners for different things? What are your favourite stickers to use to track this?


You can find Sophie on Instagram as penguinplannner (3ns) and on YouTube  and on her Cake FB page


Hobonichi, Erin Condren, Penguins and cake