Horizontal vs Vertical Planning

By Creative Team Member - Belinda Hearn

This is my first year using a Horizontal Classic Happy Planner (HP), previously I have always planned in a vertical layout. 

I really enjoy the Happy Planner and Erin Condren (EC) format / Layout and thought it would be interesting and fun to do a Horizontal - HP / Vertical - EC side by side comparison. 

Horizontal and Vertical planning by Belinda Hearn


I have tried to use similar stickers  from the EllieBeth Designs UK ‘Beautiful’ Collection in both layouts to show the different looks you can get.


Vertical Planning - Erin Condren

Vertical Erin Condren Planning

I am very comfortable in a vertical planner, the 3 box style daily columns easily lend themselves to morning, afternoon and evening planning - which I do like, but it could just as easily be check list or point by point entry style.  

The washi strips are wonderful, using various widths really allows you to highlight different areas of your layout.  

Layering the designer full and half boxes draws the eye and brings interest to a special event or appointment.  

I decided not to cover the side or bottom notes areas as I quite like the ability to highlight daily or weekly events and reminders.

Lastly, who doesn’t just love a good weekend banner, definitely a tick for the vertical! 


Horizontal Planning - Classic Happy Planner

Horizontal Planning in a Happy Planner

New but definitely a nice fit, I must say after only a couple a months “I’m a fan” !

I find I plan more in a list style in the Horizontal, not always in order of occurrence, but just noting things that happen each day, feels more organic to me.

I really enjoy using the washi strips as a side border decoration, looks beautiful without loosing too much planning area. 

The notes section is a great spot for weekly highlights and reminders, and I couldn’t help it I sneaked in another Washi Flag Banner as I enjoyed it so much in the vertical.  Normally I would not fill so much of this section up with decoration. 


Fun decoration

Penguin Joe in Erin Condren and Happy Planner

And lastly Penguin Joe is definitely the star in both the Vertical and Horizontal layouts in my opinion.  I just love all the little day to day life stickers, something for every occasion. 

So in conclusion definitely enjoy planning in both, but are leaning towards the Horizontal as my current favourite.

What are your thoughts... have you got a favourite?


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Erin Condren comparison by Belinda Hearn