Homeschooling challenge

By Creative Planning Team Member - Antonia Pladdys

Home schooling is a challenge regardless of societal pressures and although I decided to home school my children before lockdown I wasn’t quite prepared for the style of home schooling I was forced into. 


I was always taught to look on the positive side of things, kind of philosophy of 'if life gives you lemons, make lemonade'. But I’ve learned to be super flexible too. I started gathering resources whilst my children deschooled from main stream schools and I used Penguin Joe and decorative pages from past collections to brighten up my planner, and the long lists of resources. 
Homeschooling with EBDUK stickers
With the long rainbow checklist stickers as a template, EllieBeth kindly made custom stickers that said 'Home Education' giving me a preview of my home schooling goals for the week in my day to day planner. Along with a tracker, I can track how often we have focused on home schooling, noticing any trends or routines that emerge.
Homeschooling with EBDUK stickers
The rainbow 2 hour event labels highlight our focus for the week and being repositionable and of high quality has been a blessing as having been through several 'run of the mill' planners, I attempt to plan out the home schooling week ahead of us, with lots of flexibility included dependant on my children’s moods, attention and weather. 

More homeschooling
Home schooling has not been paper based, but includes baking bread, carving wood, and nature walks. Lockdown has allowed our imaginations to blossom and the children have emerged from a state of constant anxiety to become engaging siblings and, with planners, pens and stickers  - I have enhanced my planning skills. 
I have enjoyed the opportunity given to me over the past few months, and continue to home school my children through these uncertain times. 
Please share your stories about how you have found positivity through these times. 

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