Hobonichi Weeks planning

By Creative Planning Team Member - Sophie Ball

I love my Hobonichi Weeks. It’s my perfect sized on the go planner. And I love the fact of how much you can fit inside. Plus there’s just something about the paper. I obviously chose the Penguin Weeks for 2020. Well I’ll let you in on a secret – I actually have two! One for my everyday on the go and the other for a social media planner. You can’t officially start using it until November 25th but I’ve been using the notes pages in the back since the middle of October. I’m very keen to get going but also using the opportunity to practice my layouts for 2020. Not sure I’m there yet but I’m getting there. The Weeks seems to be a very popular planner at the moment so I thought I’d share my favourite sheets I use and how I use the Weeks.


Hobonichi Weeks with penguins 

So the beginning of my planning process starts with Watercolour splattering. It gets messy but I think the effect is worth it. And I love how it compliments my EBDUK stickers. Because it’s so messy, I usually do a few weeks at a time. All you need are some watercolours, paintbrush, water and lots of kitchen paper…..Oh and your planner. Here is a link to a video of me splattering…..



Next it’s time to stickerate. In this planner I like to use the Mini Weeks Sheet alongside the Make a List sheet. I usually buy 2 of the Mini Weeks Sheets and 1 Make a list. That way I have enough for 2 weeks layouts. Also don’t forget the Penguins! How could I forget penguins???? No spread is complete without a little (or a lot) of Penguin Joe. On the Make a list sheet, I love using the trackers for my weekly menu and to record the Gratitude prompts for the EBDUK Gratitude Challenge. Sometimes if I just have a few leftover stickers I use alongside some stickers from the Rainbow sheets. One thing I’ve realised is that I like everything to be uniform and lined up. All my weather stickers in one column and checklists all in a line. I think it makes everything appear clearer and has some kind of order.


Stickers for the Hobonichi Weeks 


Rachel has also started doing Monthly Kits for the Weeks. I use my monthly pages for preplanning any upcoming appointments, birthdays, recycling/bin collections/deliveries or anything else I need to remember to do! I always forget to splatter these so something to put in the planner to remember! I like to be able to see everything that is happening over the month in one place. The note pages in the back don’t generally have stickers on. I’ve been using these for testing layouts, my monthly budget and for lists. I’m also thinking there may be enough pages for an overflow if I run out of room on any of my weekly layouts.


Hobonichi weeks monthly layout 


Do you use a weeks? What are your favourite EBDUK stickers to use in it? I’m always on the look out for inspiration and ideas so feel free to share in the group!


 Hobonichi weeks planning