By The EBDUK Design Team

Hobonichi planners are fast becoming the newest "must have" planner and this week the Design Team share their thoughts on all things Hobonichi.


Robyn Dexter-Attwood

Robyn Hobonichi layout 

My Hobonichi experience was with the A5 Cousin. It seemed like it could be the planner for me as it had monthly spreads, weekly spreads with timelines and daily pages all in one book. Sure the paper was a bit thin but I don't mind ghosting. I actually used it for a couple of  months and while I hadn't planned to use stickers in it, they crept in very quickly. This was more enabled by the production of the A5 sheets from Rachel. They fit brilliantly and looked great in the weekly and monthly spread. However, I started falling out of love with it and lots of spreads weren't being used. I actually found my fountain pen bled through some of the pages! It's nothing fancy just a simple Lamy with black Lamy ink. I was surprised by this. I was also struggling to find a layout for the daily pages that worked for me. The last kicker was I couldn't get comfortable with not being able to see my weekly and my daily at the same time. This is how I plan. So overall, while I enjoyed using it for the time I did, essentially I am a multiple planner girl. I am happy being back in my Passion Planner and Bullet Journal with thicker paper and where I can see both daily and weekly spreads at once.


Tracy Macheta

Hobonichi layout by Tracy

I’m currently using a “pre-loved” Hobonichi A6 Techo (thanks Sophie Ball!) to see how I get on with it, because I’m already thinking about what planners to use in 2020. I like the A6 size as it fits nicely in my smaller EDC handbag and I’m totally in love with the practical cover, which has lots of little slip pockets and closes neatly and securely when a pen is put through the two loops. I write daily to-do lists and the A6 is ideal for this and there’s also space for appointments or random jottings throughout the day. Even more importantly, there is room for a few stickers. A diary or a planner without stickers just doesn’t do it for me! The downside of the A6 Hobonichi in my opinion is that the paper is quite thin and there is ghosting. If I decide not to buy an A6 Hobonichi for next year, any other A6 notebook or planner would fit in the cover so that’s always an option to consider.


Sophie Ball

Hobinichi by Sophie Ball 

Love, love, love  my Hobonichi Techo A6! To me this is planner peace. It’s taken 3 years but I’m here. I’ve been using this for 4 months now and I’ve never been happier! It’s the perfect size to carry on the go and doesn’t get heavy! And I can still fill it with my favourite EBDUK stickers. I did have to switch to an Avec ( two 6 month books) over a 12 month planner as it was going to get very chunky which defeated the object of having a smaller planner. I love to watercolour in it which compliments the stickers. My go to sheets are the Days & Dates, Washi (for covering up the writing at the bottom), half boxes, Day to Day labels and event Labels. Oh and of course Penguins! I find I have just enough space to record any appointments, weather,  my to do list, meal planner, gratitude and my latest addition – sleep tracker! I can see this being my 2020 planner too – but will still 7 months of 2019 to go, who knows!


Linsay McCormick

Hobonichi by Linsay

I’ve been using various Hobonichi planners since 2017, I’ve tried the weeks, the mega weeks, the cousin and the a6 and have finally decided on the A6 as my favourite.

I love the size of the A6, it’s so portable and lightweight with just enough room to jot down my daily tasks in. Currently I house mines in a Foxy Fix perfect fit cover which makes me want to use it even more. I’ve always thought I needed weekly, monthly and daily pages but since using the daily pages consistently for a number of weeks now I’ve realised I’m quite happy with these. 

My picture shows how I like to use my hobonichi, lots of Penguin Joes, the odd half box or event label and some pictures from my Sprocket. I love experimenting with layouts in the hobonichi and am planning on trying to journal in it for one week just because I can!


Katie Teage

Hobonichi my Katie

I love my Hobonichi weeks. I bought it because I needed a small planner for my changing bag. I can’t carry my Passion Planner around with my baby bag all day! The weeks planner is perfect for me. It has a week on the left page and a note page on the right and room for more notes in the back. Rachels stickers fir it really well. I use the A5 core sheet and A5 monthly sheet and the specially designed  Hobonichi weeks date covers (in rainbow colours) they match every kit. The paper is thin and you have to be careful if you mis-stick but they work really well. You have to be a bit creative with how you use some of the stickers but that means its not the same every month which I like a lot! Its a great on the go planner and I love it. 


Sharon Gubby

Hobonichi by Sharon

I have an A6 Techo which was a gift from my Husband – I absolutely love the paper. Although it’s only 68gsm it holds up really well to all sorts of media and I love the fact that it ghosts. It sits in an A6 sized Chic Sparrow and I really want to find a way to use it consistently but for me it’s too small for a daily planner. I’ve enjoyed playing with it. I’ve tried a week of dailies, journaling & also using it as a gratitude journal. The fixed spine isn’t making it conducive to lots of stickers so if I want to make it pretty it will have to be with pencil & drawings for me. I think would be the same with the other members of the Hobonichi family too. They are lovely though & I would still like to try a weeks but I’m a coil/TN girl at heart so I won’t be swapping to one anytime soon.


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