Health and Wellbeing Planning

By Creative Planning Team Member - Korrieann Peters

Today I am showing you a peek in my Health and wellbeing planner.

It is so important to look after yourself. Whether that is making sure you are getting enough rest/sleep, eating a healthy balanced diet or making sure you make time for yourself.


I wanted a way to track this and see what a difference it can make to the way I am feeling. So making use of my passport travellers notebook and a plain insert I have set up my week 2 days to a page. Here I can track steps, water intake, calories and sleep.

Then my overall mood for the day, plus today’s win. Today's win doesn't have to be something big it can be something simple like I got out of bed without snoozing my alarm a hundred times!



I make my pages look pretty too and that in itself can be some me-time as I can relax while making everything look lovely. 

I am using the mini weeks sheet from the 'Wish' collection to start my pages. The washi strips are perfect size for the page size. The half box sheet has tracker boxes so I have used these for a place to jot down my results. I have used the deco from both the mini weeks sheet and the separate deco sheet

I have a sampler of the blank date dots and I thought they would be a perfect place for my mood, at the end of each day I can just draw a face to show whether I was happy, sad, grumpy or meh. 



This is the first time I have tracked these details and I am hoping it will really help me. I would love to see if you have any different ways that you also document your self care. 

If you do please remember to share over in the Facebook group. 


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Wellbeing planning using EllieBeth Designs UK stickers