Happiness in a Half Box

By Creative Planning Team Member - Natalie Bowers


Hello Stickeraters!

It’s lovely to be back on the blog today, sharing my love of stickerating with you. I’m sure we all know how important gratitude is and how gratitude is strongly associated with our sense of wellbeing and happiness. I’ve certainly come to value having an attitude of gratitude over the course of my recovery from mental illness. Over the last four and a half years, I have made a point of using my bullet journal to record the things I’m grateful for. At the end of every day, I jot down one of two things that have brought me happiness, joy, satisfaction, or that have just made my day a little less difficult. Sometimes, I look back through my bullet journals to remind me of these things, but often it’s simply the act of reviewing my day and looking for the good in it that does me good.


I’ve used many methods for recording gratitude over the years, but one of my favourites is to use EBDUK half-boxes. For me, they are the perfect size. Big enough to write one or two things, but not too big that I feel I have to write an essay! And, of course, they’re pretty and colourful so they brighten-up the whole process.


Here are a few ways I’ve used half-boxes.

 EBDUK stickers in BuJo



For months that have 30 days in them, I stick 30 half boxes on a double page spread, 15 on each side. At the end of each day, I flick to this page and add my gratitude. I love watching the boxes fill up as the month progresses, and it’s easy to see a whole month’s gratitude at a glance.


EBDUK stickers in a BuJo


Another way I often use half boxes is to add one to each of my daily logs, so when I’m reviewing my task list at the end of the day, it’s right there to remind me to record my gratitude.


EBDUK stickers in a BuJo


Over the years, I’ve set out my daily logs in different ways. Sometimes, I set them out in columns across two pages. When I do this, I often place my gratitude half boxes at the bottoms of the columns. Again, their placement reminds me to fill them in. I’ve also been known to place half boxes at the bottoms of the daily columns on my weekly schedules instead of my daily logs. It’s just another way to do it – I do like to switch things up every now and then to keep things fresh and fun!

So that’s how I use half boxes to record my gratitude. How do you record yours? Do let me know.

Until next time … happy stickerating!

Natalie x


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