By The EBDUK Design Team

This week as a Design Team we are sharing our planner spaces with you - from nomad planning to dedicated spaces we all have a different set-up and it works for each of us.  I think most of us dream of a planner room where we can set up our planner systems and work in an area that inspires us and feeds creative thought but in reality a space that works and makes us productive is what we make the best of. Follow our highlighted links for Instagram and YouTube to learn more about us, including new member Tracy Macheta and returning DT member Katie Teage.


Sophie Ball - @penguinplannner  - YouTube 

Sophie Ball's planning space

Where do I plan? My desk. The dining room table. The sofa. Work. I pretty much plan everywhere. But my main planning space is my desk. It’s where my Stickerate binders are, pens, penguin paperclips, washi tape, desk planner – my EC Hourly which isn’t currently in use but will be soon. I usually stickerate here for any upcoming weeks and make a mess with watercolours. It’s perfectly placed for a good bit of light and if I’m doing a bit of early morning planning on a weekend, I get to see the sunrise! It is looking very tidy at the moment as I tend to keep bits away in drawers and get out as I need them. It’s my little bit of quiet space tucked away in a spare room where I can escape to and stickerate as much as I like!


Tracy Macheta - @purplehairedplanner  - YouTube

Tracy Macheta's planning space

Although I’d love to have a spacious ‘lady shed’ in my garden, I actually make do with a very small planning space. My husband’s books have taken over our house so I’ve nabbed a corner of the living room for my planning activities. I’ve got a desk and a wheeled storage unit with 8 rainbow coloured drawers in which I keep my EBDUK stickers, washi tape collection, various pens and paints, craft knife and other essential bits and pieces. I’m not a naturally organised person (untidy, me?) so I do have to work at putting things away after I’ve used them! I much prefer having a dedicated space where I can work on my planners because then I really focus on what I’m doing. It’s definitely my little haven of peace. 


Katie Teage - @katieteageplans - YouTube

 Katie Teage planning space

I have an 11 week old,  we’re moving house, I’ve packed up lots of my stuff and the baby has taken over! My planning space has become the play mat and my desk is an EBDUK folder and project bag and an Amazon box!  I used to sit at a beautiful desk with wonderful visuals and inspiration; everything organised and aesthetically pleasing but no more! I now snatch a few moments here and there to stick a sticker, log a milestone or journal about this new chapter in my life. I do miss my desk but this new way of planning is pretty fun too!


Robyn Dexter-Attwood - @mylife.plannedout - YouTube

Robyn Dexter-Attwood planning space

My planner space has changed quite a bit lately. For a long while, it was one of the desks in our office/study space, but now it varies. I have a lovely organised raskog trolley with a lot of bits but for the most part, I have a lovely planner bag that contains the essentials - my stickerate binders, my pot of mild liners, my craft knife, tweezers, pair of scissors, EC ruler, white out mouse and glue tape. Then I throw in whatever planner and pencil case I am using at the time. This means that I can then plan wherever I choose. Favourite places include the sofa and my bed mainly because I can get super comfy in my PJs and with a blanket or duvet and get my planning jam on!


Linsay McCormick - @plannerpod - YouTube

Linsay McCormick planning space 

I see beautiful desks and planner spaces online and I do wish I had a space somewhere in my house for my own desk but that's a dream for a new home. I like to do my planning at night when the kids are in bed so I make a giant cup of tea, dig out my planner bag which contains all my most used stickers, pens and tools such as scissors and I lay them out on the living room floor.


Sharon Gubby - @ronniescraft - YouTube

Sharon Gubby's planning space 

Since most of my day revolves around my MAC I tend to plan where that is. Most of the time it's the dining room table. At the weekend though I love nothing better than to take all my supplies to my favourite chair in the lounge and use a laptop table to plan there. I have a bag that my planners go into and a box for my sticker storage folders and favourite sticker sheets.  We're reorganising our house at the moment and I would love to say I'd find a dedicated space to plan in but realistically if my planning is to be productive it needs to go where I go and my current set-up works for me.


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