Functional planning favourites

By Creative Planning Team - Robyn Dexter-Attwood


This year has been very different from how I had planned it and so my day-to-day planning has become incredibly functional. I still use stickers to help structure and add a splash of colour, but there is definitely a lot less decoration and a lot more function in my planning.

Functional planning with EBDUk stickers in and EC Hourly planner

Here are some of my favourite things when it comes to functional planning


Checklists from EBDUK for planners of all sizes

I do love a list! Lists are how my brain works and having a checklist sticker really helps line everything up neatly. I’m a big fan of the 5 circle lists as it helps priorities stand out without adding too many. The 7-star lists are brilliant because you can use them for daily or weekly lists. And I even use the individual check boxes for different things – I do love to tick or cross things off.

Header labels

Headers from EBDUK for multiple planners - EC, Passion Planner, Hobonichi

These are some of my most used stickers. Need to add a header – use a header label. Need an appointment to stand out – use a header label. Quick reminder that needs to be obvious – use a header label. Short meeting – use a header label!


Script stickers from EBDUK for all planners

When I saw the mini scripts, I knew I needed several and they are brilliant. They layer well onto other stickers and work as mini headers for lots of things. I have a few I use for work regularly including layering the location onto the work labels, meetings for my list of what’s going on and focus so I can highlight what I was to focus my attention on in the day. I know my collection is going to grow because they’re just so versatile!

I’m still a big fan of my pentel energels for writing, but at the moment have switched to grey and black-blue for my go to colours. They’re just something different. I’ve also discovered zig dot pens, and these are great – an extra way of adding a bullet to an item and they’re great for colour coding.


Icons from EBDUK for all planners

These aren’t essential to functional planning, but I do love an icon. It just helps identify what something is really quickly before I even read the details and when you’re in a meeting or quickly checking something at a glance. Plus, a bit of fun always helps. A mini Penguin Joe can also replace an icon here or there if you want something a bit extra.

The best thing is, these come in the collections and not just the functional sheet, so you can have decorative functional spreads in your planner with lovely designs and not just blocks of colour. 

So if you’re not sure where to begin with your planner spreads, maybe just start with something functional


Coming Next Week:

By Creative Planning Team - Helen Worsfold

Mindfulness planning  - Do what makes you happy 

Last month I shared how I have started to use my A5 as a life planner. This month I thought I would share with you why my “stickerating and planning makes me happy”.  I am writing this blog at the end of “Mental Health week”, so as I start to write this blog I gave some thought into how stickerating helps my mental health.  I thought I would explore what makes me happy in planning. I wonder how many of these ring a bell with you too?



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