From Kits to Collections – Core Sheets, Rainbows and a Stash of Penguins!

 by Sharon Gubby, Design Team Lead


Core kits and rainbows

Hands up if you always order the same sheets from the new style EBDUK collections, or if sometimes you'd like to try more than one collection but are trying to stretch your pennies to include everything.......yes, we all do it!

With this in mind I thought I'd take a look at how I could stretch my budget and give myself more flexibility in my stash whilst being able to have ALL the stickers, in ALL the designs from EBDUK.


Here's what I came up with.


I’m normally pretty predictable about the stickers I use and when everything was kit based it become a habit to always use the same sort of kits – mini kits - occasionally a full kit but essentially I used half boxes, quarter boxes & full boxes. Even with the recent change to collections at EllieBeth Designs I found I ordered the sheets that gave me the best assortment of these stickers and although this worked really well it was still a predictable pattern.  But it’s good to mix it up every once in a while and like all good stickeraters I wanted to get the best from my stash and my budget. I also realised that my dear old Penguin Joe and Rainbow stickers were becoming neglected.


Time for a change!


So I took a fresh look at what the other sheets in the collection could offer and what could give me a good selection of stickers to go well with what I already had - core kits were something I’d never tried but maybe they would be the answer. When “Autumn Story” came out I ordered a core kit….and waited with anticipation.



When it came I started from scratch with my week's planning and made a list of all the things I normally include to see how far I could get with the core kit, adding in the other things I needed from my stash. I always start with a quote box – the one on the Core sheet is the perfect size for my EC. Next the washi tape – I admit this isn’t something I normally buy as a separate sheet so it’s a bonus from the core sheet and makes my page look oh so pretty. Now on to appointments - there’s a good selection to choose from – both ones with time boxes & some blanks, again I added in a couple to match from my existing rainbow collection.


Checklists as time blocking


I like the fact that for a whole day appointment I could use a quarter box and checklist to block off some time, even cutting one to leave 3 stars for a top 3 to do list on another day. I pulled out my custom made "priority task" stickers in matching colours and added some triple habit trackers too.


Little icons from the rainbow icons sheets and a school sticker from my Penguin Joe school kit went down to match and some Penny Penguin housework stickers added fun to the mundane tasks. I really liked what I saw and I realised I had been in a planner rut.


I love the way my week's layout has turned out - I have stickers left from the core sheet to use as my week progresses and I've fallen in love again with my forgotten stash. So if you’ve not used one before and you're trying to use up things long neglected or you want to stretch the budget to have all the designs but can't stretch the pennies to buy one of everything try a core kit sheet. It's a wonderfully balanced combination of stickers for a white space planner – it gives a way to combine a new collection pattern with existing rainbow and Penguin Joe stash and it will be at the top of my "to buy" list from now on.....oooh I have a sticker for that!

Happy Planning Everyone xx

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