For the love of pocket planning

By Creative Planning Team - Suzanne Roberts


3 planners with EBDUK stickers

The journey so pocket planner journey only began two years ago. I wanted to try out a new planner and I was tempted into rings by Rachel Blundell. I bought a super cute Filofax pocket rings in mint green. I was unsure what to use it for at first and just as I had purchased it we entered our first pandemic lockdown which meant it wouldn't be used as the 'on the go' planner I originally hoped for. Little did I know that a further two lockdowns would scupper my plans even longer. 

Koality collection from EBDUK in a ringed planner

I struggled a little at first with which kits to buy and which stickers would fit such a small planner. I didn't buy new inserts, I just used the ones that came with the planner so as you can imagine the goal for me was to cover up the unsightly black writing adorning every day. Thankfully I found the mini weeks kit at EBDUK and it quickly became a staple purchase for my planner line up. The great thing about this sticker sheet was the fact i could easily create at least two spreads from the kit and have stickers to spare.

Monthly planner collection with EBDUK stickers

My second year saw me move from rings into the newly launched Erin Condren softbound pocket planner in my then favourite theme of neutral layers. Winner winner, chicken dinner! In this planner I had the luxury of monthly pages. I was instantly excited to see whether the EBDUK mini monthly fitted the new planner. I was instantly elated to find it fitted perfectly. It became a regular purchase for me last year. With the shock of a pregnancy this became a go to for midwife, diabetes, consultant and scan appointments I had as well as tracking my weeks. 

Tropical bloom collection in a planner with EBDUK stickers

As I became more confident with pocket planning I soon realised I could become more creative with a smaller planner. I could pull together spreads with parts of older kits and unused stickers from some of my favourite collections. And not necessarily from mini weeks and mini months kits but from kits designed for larger planners. I discovered I could adapt most stickers to fit into the pocket planner and create pretty yet functional spreads. I'm not sure about you but I'm a huge advocate for no waste so to find a planner that supported the use of these stickers was a game changer for me.

Rainbow sticker layout with EBDUK stickers

The simplicity of a rainbow. My third year saw me reinvest in another EC pocket planner but this time in my new favourite design, mid-century circles. So when Rachel brought out matching washi strips to compliment the design I was over the moon. Being a rainbow fan and an EBDUK customer for a few years now I was instantly drawn to utilising my rainbow sticker stash. One of my favourite spreads was created from just washi strips and rainbow dots.

Penguin Joe stickers in a planner layout with EBDUK stickers

And then came Mini Penguin Joe. Every time I post content of one of my spreads which includes Penguin Joe (pretty much most weeks) I get so many comments on how cute he is. To then bring out mini versions was just cuteness overload. I love using them to highlight tasks for the week. It can complete a spread for me especially when I've created a spread from numerous different collections and kit sizes.



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