Planning derailed? Use what you love!

By Creative Planning Team - Sharon Gubby

I'm in a planner funk - my New Year setting up and planning was derailed by a hospital stay and my planner MOJO has not returned yet. In an attempt to inspire my love of all things paper and planners  and get me back on track, able to focus and set up my planner systems and goals for the year I decided to go back through my planner layouts and find some that I really liked and why they sing to me.


Erin Condren layout using EllieBeth Designs UK stickers

I love this layout because it's calm, I normally favour bright patterns and styles but the tranquility here is a really nice complement - the layout has all the elements I needed for the week but plenty of space to work and plan. I love the hydrate stickers and realise they are buried in my stickers stash and being under utilised. Off to dig them out!  I don't always use washi but it adds a great emphasis to the bottom of the pages and I love the splash of colour the bigger version of the pattern gives.


B6 Chic Sparrow layout using EllieBeth Designs Stickers

This B6 layout because it's bright and fun but it's simple enough that I can see the over riding feel of the week in one place. It's a size I use on and off but it works for when I want to compact my planning & try something different.  Penguin Joe stickers make important events pop and who doesn't love a rainbow week. I've found as I look through my past layouts that if ever my inspiration is low or I have a very heavy week I reach for the rainbow. It keeps my focus without distracting me and there are so many styles and sizes of rainbow stickers at EBDUK that I'm never short of what I need. When I made this layout up I also used lots of oddments of rainbow stickers from full colour sheets and leftover colour stickers from the collection sheets.



Personal Chic Sparrow with EllieBeth Designs Stickers

At the moment I'm using a squared hardback A5 notebook for my day to day tasks and notes as it's simple and functional but I realise that these personal size inserts, which I make myself, have everything I need in one place for each day, appointments in my usual format and a space for notes and tasks. They are designed to fit EC standard stickers and I love the weekly core as it has a great selection of stickers. I love being able to use more than one full box 


Winter layout from EllieBeth Designs Uk

This layout came at the end of a hard week and I love the way I used washi - despite just telling you it's not something I use a lot - it's a way to pretty up a day where there's not much activity going on and give some structure and balance to the page. The overall effect is pretty and really brings out the colours and patterns of the collection.

I now have a better idea of what I want to use and what works from me and it will give me somewhere to start in rebuilding my planner MOJO.

If you are feeling in a rut with your planner and nothing feels right, why not take a look back through your layouts and take all the best bits from them, remember what worked and what didn't and be inspired!


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