Favourite layouts

By Creative Planning Team Member - Sharon Gubby

At this time of year it's easy to start thinking about what planner we might choose for next year. I'm pretty happy with my current planners and I have a system that makes changing from one planner to another really easy without anything getting lost so I thought I would take a look at some of my favourite layouts and different planner spreads and share with you why I love them.


Hand drawn layout in an EC with EBDUK stickers

I love this layout - it was the first week I took the plunge and drew and painted directly into my planner. It's from April this year when we were first in lock-down and there really wasn't much going on. I wanted a bright, happy layout to brighten my week and I used Penguin Joe's to mark the things I needed to remember. This is the new version of my favourite layout and will always be the easiest for me to use.


Valentine layout with EBDUK stickers 


In the older version of my favourite layout I found this collection. It's totally the wrong time of year for Valentines but I think we could all do with a good dose of love this year. I adore this collections - it's vibrant colours and bright reds. I loved the array of full boxes and the date headers and it made my week very beautiful - awesome!


EBDUK collection in an Erin Condren


This is my all time favourite collection - I used to dance and teach and so having a collection that represented this will always be special. The soft colours and dance decals provide a calm themed layout. It was also a limited edition collection that came with a magnetic bookmark.


Rainbow week in a TN with EBDUK stickers


I could not show my favourite layouts without including a rainbow week. This is a B6 TN insert with Penguin Joe, Penguin Jow birthday, small icons and appointment labels. This layout doesn't give a lot of space but it is really good for a quick overview of the week.


B6 STM Bullet Planner yearly overview 

This last layout is the front pages in the original STM Bullet Planner - I took my watercolour pencils and decided to colour the months for another rainbow affect.

Whatever you choose for next year take some time to look back through your layouts and choose some favourites to brighten you day.

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Favourite layouts with EBDUK stickers