Fancy a little Frankenplanning?

The Urban Dictionary defines Frankenplanning as creating your own planner from multiple existing planners to find your planner peace.

So I decided to go through my forgotten planners and give them some much needed attention and create my own Happy Frankenplanner setup.

These are the things i was hoping to incorporate:

  1. Fitness pages - I have an injured knee and wanted to track my recovery and everyday fitness.
  2. Weekly Pages - For my day to day planning.
  3. Creative Art - I really want to incorporate some type of art into the weekly setup.


The Setup

 Meal Planning with EBDUK by Belinda Hearn

I have decided to cut up the Fitness Happy Planner pages and use the exercise/hydrate (lower section) as a paste in, into the vertical Happy Planner pages as they line up beautifully.  The meal tracker (upper section) I want to make into a Meal Plan Insert.


Meal Plan

Meal Planning with EBDUK 

I used some coordinating card stock to back the meal tracker cutouts.  I then punched them ready to insert into the weekly setup.


Get Creative

Getting Creative with EBDUK in my planner


I had some card stock left over so thought I would paint a few flowers to finish off the Meal Plan Insert. 


Getting creative in a planner - EBDUK

I used some flower dies to punch out the flower shapes, I then used a black Tombow marker to outline the flowers detail and painted with watercolours and a little spray of gold.



Stickerating with EBDUK 

Time to decorate!!  I have been loving the Koala-Ty Collection with the beautiful bright colours.  I used some of the Washi Strips as flags and the Full Boxes to decorate the top section which will be used for my day to day planning.


The Half Boxes were perfect in the bottom section to highlight what stretches/exercises need to be done each day.   

Stickerating with EBDUK 

I finished the pages with some dashed lines.

The Meal Plan Insert is lightly decorated with a little deco and skinny washi strips.

It’s Alive!!

Well it’s functional and pretty to boot, that’s the main thing!

Belinda has used elements from the 'Koala-tycollection to get creative with her planner.

You can find Belinda and the rest of the Creative Planning Team and their social media links HERE


Happy Planner and EBDUK Frankenplanning