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By The Whole Design Team

For our blog this week decided to share our favourite layout and talk about why we've chosen them:


Sophie Ball

Sophie Ball favourite layout - Hobonichi Techo 

My favourite planner layout has to be my latest in my Hobonichi A6.  I am loving the day to one page format and this week I used the Peace 2018 collection. I just love the colours in this collection. I even dug out my watercolours and gave each page the once over of a bit of light green. I often like to doodle so this week tried out drawing a box around the grid section on the page. The thing about blank pages is that you can change your layout each week and try something new!  My go to sheets for this week were the Days & Dates, Washi, Event Labels, Half Boxes, Core Sheet and some leftover Deco stickers. I try to keep two columns – One for appointments/events and my meal plan and the other my To Do list and gratitude for the day. This seems to be working for me so far. So going to use the same format for next week!


Tracy Macheta

Tracy Macheta favourite EC layout

Stickers by EllieBeth Designs have such a wide range of colours and themes that I found it quite hard to choose a favourite layout. In the end I plumped for a May 2019 week where I’d used “There is a season for all things” stickers because the soft green and lilac colour palette was so beautiful. I thought the cat looked quite enigmatic and the floral elements and lavender added a bit of movement to the layout.

To finish it off, I added a “Penguin Joe on the scales” sticker as I have a slimming group weigh-in on a Wednesday, a pastel ombre check list on the left-hand side and a little bit of purple washi at the bottom of each page for an additional pop of colour.

This layout was so pretty that I almost couldn’t bring myself to write on it – but I did in the end!


Robyn Dexter-Attwood

Robyn Dexter-Attwood favourite layout - Passion Planner monthly

This is one of the hardest things I've had to do in a long while and in deciding this, I literally sat on the floor of my office with most of my past planners spread around me! Having whittled it down, I think that my favourite planner layout is actually my May monthly spread from this year in my Passion Planner medium. I really love how bright and colourful and happy it is. Going all out on the colour really paid off! Its about the good things around me and with the colours it makes me feel really good looking back at it. It also represents a point in my life where things change and that change can be a good thing as well! June is already filling up nicely and I really do love completing the gratitude challenge in my planner each day.


Katie Teage

Katie Teage's favourite planner layout

I used to be very flexible with my planner layouts. I used an A6 TN with a dot grid and I would draw out whichever layout took my fancy that week. I flipped between day on a page and vertical suite a lot with the occasional horizontal days. But, I missed the hourly slots of an EC hourly. But I liked the room in a TN for notes… this is when I discovered the passion planner! To me it is life! Vertical time slots and room for notes. I have been copying Robyn's ideas (she is a sticker genius!) and looking for ways to use all of the space effectively. I think I've got there with these last few spreads :) 


Sharon Gubby 

Favourite layout by Sharon Gubby - EC vertical

When asked this question my initial reaction was to race to all my stored planners of old and leaf through them to find my favourite layout.....and I did....but what came to mind as I leafed through the beautiful finished weeks was that my favourite layout is the one you see here. A crisp, new, pristine week. It's so full of possibilities and hope. A new slate for me to start again and put behind me the things that didn't work. 

I can chose a new collection to use and enjoy the fun of planning and decorating. I can take inspiration from those around me and try something out of my comfort zone or 'go comfy' for a busy week and use tried and tested methods to keep me on track.

And the absolutely best layout is the first new week in a new planner.


What's your favourite week and why?

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