Design Team group challenge - Rainbow week

By the Design Team 


Tracy Macheta

I always like a Design Team group challenge and I was excited to hear that we were all tasked with doing a Rainbow Week. We have different planners and styles so the resulting layouts should be really interesting.

I decided to return to my Erin Condren vertical LifePlanner for this challenge and the end result was a bright, well-ordered and very “clean-looking” spread. I brightened up the top and bottom of the pages with rainbow washi strips and added the bright rainbow date covers. I thought it would look quite stylish to have each day with stickers the same colour as the date covers so there are co-ordinating “to-do” headers and checklists.

The bottom box is ideal for the “Today’s Eats” boxes – I bought the ones with 5 spaces to take into account my Slimming World friendly snacks! I added a few quarter boxes and the cute Penguin Joe sticker for next week’s weigh-in. I’ve also got two birthdays to remember next week: my lovely Design Team colleague Sophie and my sister-in-law – thank goodness there are stickers to remind me of such important events!

I’ll add more stickers when I know what further appointments or meetings are coming up. I don’t write in my EC (which is my home planner) until the last minute in case I have to move stickers around.

I never thought I was a functional sticker person as I generally like my planner spreads to look “pretty” but I really like the way this Rainbow week looks.


Katie Teage

Passion Planner rainbow week

I love rainbow week! The bright colours and uniformity make my heart sing. This week I’ve used a selection of vintage EllieBeth stickers and more recent rainbow additions. The first sticker I want to talk about is the ever so useful rainbow washi that comes with every sheet. I love how you can use it to block time or head sections in your planner. It’s very versatile and comes with every sheet! The second is the hydrate sticker. Sometimes I don’t mark off the little water droplets, but, having the sticker there reminds me to drink and keeps me aware of my water (and tea!) intake. Lastly, the bunting! This sheet is a bit of a vintage classic. It’s full of the whole rainbow pallet and makes any spread look cute, sunny and full of fun! That’s my rainbow week... how will you use yours? 


Sophie Ball

Rainbow Week! Which this week coincides with my Birthday and other family birthdays so I haven’t gone down the traditional rainbow route but instead I’ve used the Rainbow Birthday collection. This is my favourite collection of all time. What’s so amazing about it is that it can be used anytime, whether it’s a birthday or special occasion or just because you love rainbows! I love the pastel colours on it and the Rainbow washi is just amazing! And look at Penguin joe with his cakes and presents. This is the kit I always have a few back up sheets of each so I never run out.


Robyn Dexter-Attwood

At the moment, I am definitely a lover of the rainbow look in my planner! I have been using a rainbow set up for most weeks in my Wellness Planner as the bright colours really make me want to open my planner and use it. This week, I’ve gone for a rainbow in my passion planner with the same hope that the colours will draw me to open it up. The bare bones of the week are in and this will fill up. I’ve tried to coordinate pens as well to really make the rainbow stand out. Aside from the wonderful array of labels from the shop, my main sticker love at the moment is the icon. Something about the icon is super functional, adding a touch of colour and really embodies the phrase, “I have a sticker for that!” Although, a good Penguin Joe sticker is just as good!


Sharon Gubby

B6 rainbow week layout

I love a rainbow week - it always makes me happy when I open my planner.

This week I've decorated my B6 week on 2 pages to use in my everyday carry.  I have a week where nothing can be set in stone and it's good to see the basics of appointments and free space for the week on one spread. I've used rainbow washi from the sides of the A5 Penguin Joe, rainbow checklists, my favourite Penguin Joe individual stickers, a weekend banner and some sampler items, topped up with various rainbow stickers from my 'no sticker left behind' collection. That's where the ends of all my collection sheets go and I sort the stickers into colour sections. (No sticker left behind binder)

The little checklists give me somewhere to write my top 3 tasks each day and the spare box allows for some extra notes. It's amazing how much information can be held in one small sized layout. If I add a notebook to this I will be able to cover all eventualities.

How does your rainbow week look?


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