My A6 Hobonichi planner

By Creative Planning Team Member - Tracy Macheta


The A6 Hobonichi is a great “every day carry” (EDC) planner as it’s a compact size yet there’s plenty of space in it. It has 12 monthly spreads at the front followed by the daily pages. At the beginning of each month of daily pages there is a plain page which you can use to note key dates or appointments for the month ahead.

A6 Hobonichi planner and EBDUK Stickers 

Before Covid 19 appeared on the scene, I used an A6 Hobonichi as an 'on the go planner' so it had various daily lists, tasks, work stuff and personal reminders each day. I used the monthly pages to note birthdays and other important events. I used quite a lot of functional stickers such as appointment labels and full or half box ombre checklists as well as decorative stickers to make the planner look pretty.

A6 Hobonichi daily pages with EBDUK Stickers 

However, my 2021 English version A6 which runs from January to December 2021 is not being used in the same way because I haven’t been going anywhere and don’t have a lot of appointments lined up! This year, I’m using it as a daily journal to record “life under lockdown” and hopefully very soon “life after lockdown”.

As a result, I now tend to stickerate only the monthly pages and the monthly blank page. The A6 would become rather chunky very quickly if I had stickers on every page – I think this is why some people prefer the Hobonichi Avecs because you have 2 books for the year, so less risk of a fat planner!

 A6 Hobonichi Monthly pages with EBDUK Stickers

For the May 2021 monthly spread, I’ve used “Hope Blooms” washi and decorative stickers from the EllieBeth Designs Spring Box Experience as they look so bright and cheerful. I always have a sheet of date stickers in my stash and added them as they stand out nicely. I often use leftover stickers from different collections for the A6 monthly pages so absolutely no sticker is ever wasted. When I need to note an appointment, I add the very small appointment labels that are on the Mini Weeks sheet.

Likewise for the blank monthly “cover pages”, I usually mix and match functional and decorative stickers. For May 2021, I’ve used the other stickers from the Spring Experience Box called “Arc en ciel” (rainbow) – washi, decorative, appointment labels and half boxes. The good thing about planning in this way is that I get to set out the page exactly how I need it. I always leave some white space though in case something unexpected crops up.

Having the freedom to decorate the A6 with a wide variety of stickers means that no two months are the same and my planner always has the personal touch.


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