Decorating for Stickerating: Background Basics Part 1

by Natalie Bowers, Design Team Member

Decorating for Stickerating

Decorating for Stickerating: Background Basics Part 1

Hello, again! It’s me, Natalie, back with another post for the EBDUK blog. If you’ve ever had a peek in my planner, you’ll know that as well as #stickerating my pages, I also love to decorate my pages with large splashes of colour. To do this, I use some simple mixed media techniques, which I plan to share with you in my next few blog posts.


To start, I’m going to give you step-by-step instructions on how to cheat at watercolour and achieve beautiful backdrops to EllieBeth Designs UK stickers. All you need for this is:


  • a sheet of EBDUK stickers
  • three run-of-the-mill felt-tip pens
  • a piece of plastic (I used some scrap packaging.)
  • water in a spray bottle (Mine is an old hairspray bottle.)
  • a hairdryer
  • a cheap paintbrush
  • your planner or notebook.


A word of warning before we begin though: different planners can handle different amounts of water before the colours start to bleed through or the pages start to warp, so try this technique on a page you don’t mind making a mess of! Some planners have pen test pages at the back.


Ready? OK. Here we go …


    1. Choose three felt tip pens that coordinate with three of the colours on your sticker sheet. Swatch them out on a piece of scrap paper to check if they match.
    2. Scribble your lightest colour felt tip all over your piece of plastic. This colour is going to be your base.


3. Mist your piece of packaging with water. You will need to experiment to find out how much water you want to add, but the idea is to add just enough to give the colour something to move around in.

Watercolour background 2

4.Flip your packaging over and lay it face down on your page. Smooth it down with your fingers so that the colour spreads out. Lift the packaging and repeat steps 2 – 4 until you're happy with the distribution of colour. 

Watercolour background 4

5. Dry your page with a hair dryer. The paper might start to warp, but don’t panic. It will flatten out again once your planner has been closed for a while.
6. Now it’s time for the next layer. Scribble your next darkest colour ON A SMALL AREA of your piece of plastic and repeat steps 2 – 5. This colour is an accent colour, so you don’t want it all over the page - just here and there. 

Planner backgrounds

Watercolour backgrounds

7. For the final layer, Scribble your darkest colour ON AN EVEN SMALLER AREA of your piece of plastic and repeat steps 2 – 5, spraying on enough water to dilute it to your desired shade. 

Planner watercolours

Planner backgrounds

8. As a finishing touch, splatter your page with the dark colour. To do this, scribble the darkest pen onto your plastic and pick up the colour with a wet paintbrush. You can then flick this onto your page, and dry it with a hairdryer. 

Mixing watercolours

9. Finally, it’s time to stickerate! You can add your stickers however you like. They’ll now coordinate beautifully with your background! 

Finished Background


And that’s it - a quick and easy way to decorate your pages, using bits and bobs that you’ve probably already got around the house! Next month, I’ll be back with another way to coordinate your decorating with your stickerating.

Thanks for reading!

Catch you later.

Love Natalie xxx

Natalie Bowers is a paper crafter, media-mixer and memory-keeper who lives in the south of England with her husband and two children. A gregarious loner and shameless eavesdropper, she can often be found haunting the dark recesses of coffee shops and cafes, her pencil poised above paper. When Natalie is not writing and doodling, she is either arting and crafting in her shoffice or binge-watching YouTube tutorials on the sofa. She also likes to trawl charity shops for vintage paper and comb local beaches for sea glass. Natalie has overcome severe depression and anxiety and now happily shares the story of how she is recovering by discovering wellness, resilience and purpose through creativity, mindfulness, prayer and planning.

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