December: A dry run for 2019

By Robyn Dexter-Attwood - Design Team Member

Mini planner stack from Robyn

Its that time of year again – we’re all looking at planners for 2019 and have probably bought a few goodies in the recent Black Friday sale (I may have indulged on a few things!). But as always, there are so many options its hard to choose what exactly you want.

Once again, I have been looking at how I plan and what could work for me for the coming year. With my recent De Quervains diagnosis, I have had to change the way I plan from the pens I use, to the stickers I put on the page, to the way I future plan. Its been a bit strange and I’m still adjusting, so I thought I would use December to try a few things out before I make a final decision for 2019. The line up includes: a Passion Planner, a Bullet Journal, a Mini Happy Planner and a frankenplanned classic Happy Planner.

Passion Planner by Robyn

Unsurprisingly, the first contender is my Passion Planner. This one isn’t going anywhere! I need that weekly overview to see the commitments of the week and their timings. I’m in a place where the way I am using the weeklies really seems to be working for me but the monthly spread, I feel gets a bit neglected. So for this month, I am recording all my responses to the December Gratitude prompts on my monthly calendar as a way to check in with it daily. I’ve also focused all of my goal recording and self care tracking on the monthly calendar so I’m checking in daily. I think this will help me get the most out of my monthly spread and make it feel a little bit more loved. As a planner, it is definitely the source of everything personal and to help me get through the day to day.

Multiple planners for 2019

Next up my Bullet Journal – again, this probably comes as no surprise. While I love my Passion Planner, the one thing I never have enough space for is to dos and notes. I’ve just finished the Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll and I’ve found myself stripping back the ‘fluffy’ bits of my bullet journal and adding more and more notes and tasks as a way of coping with what life has thrown at me recently. I’m loving the way I now use this system and for December wanted to start a new notebook as a way of restarting my love of Bullet Journalling afresh and with a little less fuss. There are stickers in it obviously! But the core is far more function than it has ever been. It works really well alongside my Passion Planner as a duo for battling the everyday.

Mini Happy planner for 2019

The small surprise in my line up is my mini-happy planner. I have come back to Happy Planner again and again as it’s a really flexible planner with the way you can add it and take out pages. I know its not everyone’s cup of tea but I’ve enjoyed using them. I’ve had a mini floating around for a while which needed a bit of love. The idea for a social media planner sprung to mind. Pre-planning a whole month of social media (and beyond for some things) could have been done in a bullet journal, but I felt a structured pre-printed planner would be more helpful. It been really useful so far as I started it in November, and I think it’s one of those that will stay in the line up. I may have bought a new 2019 in a Black Friday offer! Again, stickers to feature. The old TiNy kits used to be great fit for this planner, but I have a renewed love of icons to help identify different things in this one.

Happy Planner 2019

Finally my classic sized Happy Planner. For those of you who haven’t come across the term franken-planner, it basically refers to a planner that has multiple different bits from different planners mashed together in one. For mine I’ve taken the cover and discs from a 2019 lined vertical, the November/December from an old Happy Planner, the dividers and pages from a Happy Notes, some pages from the Teacher happy Planner and put a firm snap cover on the whole lot. This planner covers lots of different aspects. Primarily, it allows me some form of structured future planning which helps me see what is coming up and manage priorities better and as a planner for work. The other side of it, is to have a dedicated space to all the preparation for goal setting that I can look back on throughout the year. I have done this in my Bullet Journal in the past, but the speed I go through notebooks means I find it really hard to keep up and look back at what I had done. Dot grid Sheets mean I can record all of these, take up as much space as I want and still have it in the front of one planner that I can refer to all year long. Again, there are stickers! I have a huge hoard of stickers that I don’t necessarily want to trim up to fit my Passion Planner, so they’ve found their way into the Happy Planner weekly spreads.

As you can probably tell, I’ve been playing around with this system already. I think it could work and I’m really looking forward to using it through December. Its not my 2019 set up yet, but it should be a good way of working out what might work for me.

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