Daily Duo Double Use

By Creative Planning Team Member - Tracy Macheta


Using my Daily Duo as a Work and Home Planner

It took me quite a while to find one planner that fitted all of my requirements. I’m sure that’s why so many people use multiple planners and  frequently chop and change depending on circumstances. Planner peace is a hard won thing. 

I could never find a medium sized planner that I’d feel comfortable using for home and work because they never had enough of space for what I needed. I’ve used other Erin Condren planners before e.g. vertical and a horizontal but they didn’t give me enough room for appointments, notes and often lengthy to-do lists. This is where the Daily Duo comes up trumps. Even better – you can find a wide range of EllieBeth Designs stickers that fit it perfectly and of course, adding the odd decorative sticker is always a good thing!

Daily Duo and EBDUK Stickers


I mix and match various EBDUK stickers in my planner as they are so versatile. I do this because if something changes, I just move the sticker rather than cross out some writing, which I find too messy.

I have a long day at work on a Monday so I add appointments as soon as I’m aware of them. I use the hourly time strip and then quarter boxes for meetings or to block out time for admin purposes. I work in HR and there always seems to be notes to type or spreadsheets to tweak! I like the squiggle stickers to remind me to keep time free, usually at the beginning and the end of the day. I like the extra-long checklists as it’s so satisfying ticking off tasks as they are completed.


Daily Duo and EBDUK stickers


I have Wednesdays off and tend to use a different selection of stickers although I still like to ensure I have a structure to my day. I’ve already set up for next Wednesday as it’s the monthly #What’sNewWednesday for EllieBeth Designs fans. I’ve used one of the bespoke Daily Duo half hour time slot stickers to remind me to be online at 6pm so I don’t miss the new releases plus an ombre checklist to record what I want to buy.

You’ll see I have also factored in time for some arty activity with the cute create sticker as well as some planner time. On my days off, I make more of an effort with our evening meal so what I plan to cook is also noted, using a coordinating meal planner sticker.


Daily Duo with EBDUK stickers 


The Daily Duo has become my main planner and generally stays at home due to its size BUT …. Erin Condren has just released an A5 version so that will be on my Christmas list!

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EC Daily Duo with EBDUK Stickers