Curing the planner itch

By Creative Planning Team Member - Kylie Ashby

Planner Itch. It’s very contagious and extremely prevalent at this time of year. I myself have been suffering from a chronic bout of it, which has lasted almost 12 months. However, never fear, lovely planner people, for I am here with an antidote to planner squirrel syndrome which I hope will help you to quell the irritation and start your new year itch-free!

EllieBeth Designs stickers

At this time of year, there are so many new planners, journals and organising solutions coming onto the market that it can become very overwhelming. However, when choosing my planner for 2020, I decided to sit down and think about it what I have learned this year, whilst planner surfing, to save you the itch.

Monthly? Weekly? Daily? Hourly? All of the above? I know that I like to be able to see an overview of both my month and my week but and I also like to have room to for daily musings and to plan out busy days in more detail.


Planner itch 

Does this mean I need more than one planner? I would always prefer to keep everything in one place but I’m not able to intermingle work and personal in my planner, so I focussed on my personal planner first. The things I needed in my personal planner, meant that it was likely to be on the larger size, so I knew a needed a smaller, handbag sized planner to carry with me on the go, as well as a more flexible system for work.


Multiple planners  

For work, I’m happy sticking with my Happy Planner as the flexibility of discs is great for being able to remove pages and shred them for confidentiality, as well as adding in any extra information that I might need. As for my personal planner, I love a Filofax (who remembers Funfax?) and, although I like the flexibility to add in pages and dividers, I have been known to remove pages from flexible binding systems and promptly lose them so I decided I would prefer the permanence of a bound book.


Paint splattered planner 

Minimalist or all colours of the rainbow? Pre-printed or hand drawn? I love the process of drawing out a layout in a bullet journal, but I find I often get too engrossed in the process and that it distracts me from the reason I have a planner: to plan ahead, keep track and be productive. I need a planner which is pre – printed but minimalist, so I still have space and flexibility to be creative when I want to be. As for colour, this is important to me. EllieBeth Designs UK stickers add just enough pretty for me, without detracting from the function of the planner. I also find that the process of putting down a sticker helps me with my time management – events and plans just seem to stick in my mind more if I stickerate!


So, there you have it. A bound book, with monthly, weekly and daily pages with a smaller, handbag sized companion. I present to you Kylie’s year of Hobonichi! Probably 😉


If you’re having a year of Hobonichi, like me, check out the A5 core sheets for the Hobonichi Cousin planner and the Mini Weeks sheets for the Hobonichi Weeks. Many of the other sheets work brilliantly!


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Curing the Planner itch