By Sophie Ball, Design Team Member

 Creative Pack

I’ve been using a TN for over a year now. I first started in a standard then moved to a pocket and then after envying others I have ended up in a B6. And this is a size I am very happy with. So happy that I have ditched my EC Hourly and and turned this into my main planner. What I like about the TN system is the flexibility to keep as plain or as decorated as you like. Personally I like all the pretty things. Not too much that it is unusable but just enough that I want to get it out and go ooooh all day long.

 Creative pack contents

So this is where I found the creative Pack perfect for me! You get the vellum, card, acetate, tabs, stickers, journaling cards. Everything you could need! I tend to change them around depending on the season or just when a new one appears in the shop. I’m currently using the Nettle the Hedgehog as it’s still autumn and the colours go perfectly with the B6 I am currently using. A little early for Christmas for me but I’m sure as we get closer I will swap over to a Christmas themed one! So far this year I’ve used "Totally Tropical", "Nettle the Hedgehog", "Precious" and "Let's be Unicorns". What is so good about them is that they can totally be reused again. Back in a TN or for another reason altogether. Some people use them in ringed planners as well or for scrapbooking.

 Tn inserts B6 planner

What do I do with it? Well I begin with chopping up the sheets to fit the size that I’m using. I usually wrap a sheet around an insert and cut to fit. I then use the piece I’ve cut to measure the others. Cutting to B6 size I usually end up with off cuts but these are handy for bookmarks/page markers or just for scrapbooking. I usually just tend to laminate then and use them as page markers as I’m forever losing which page I’m on! I don’t decorate my inserts so just being able to cut a piece of card or vellum to fit around my insert is perfect. I don’t attach it in anyway just so I can move it around when I feel like a change or I can just pop a new one in its place when my insert has finished. 

 Creative pack TN dashboard and divider

This is the first time I’ve used the tabs and I have to say even when I’ve just chucked my planner into my bag they’ve held up pretty well and are still fully intact! I’ve also stuck some of the stickers onto the dividers I’ve made because why not? Everyone loves a sticker! Journaling cards tend to get tucked into a pocket in the front.

Creative pack tabs in a TN

When I was making the dividers for my pocket TN I was getting two dividers from each sheet whereas for my B6 I only get one divider from each sheet. So then I would layer up so a card divider then a vellum and then the insert. I don’t laminate my card dividers just because I find it makes the TN a bit bulky. And I have enough in there as it is! But it does protect them from everyday use! I have also used top loading dashboards and cut the card into rectangles to fit into these too.

 Creative pack stickers in a B6 TN

Apart from stickerating that is about as creative I get! 

Do you use a creative pack? What planner do you use it in? Or do you have a completely different use for them? I would love to know! Happy planning!

Sophie and her love of all things Penguin can be found as PenguinPlanner (note the 3 ns!) on Instagram  and on YouTube

Using a Creative Pack