Create your own planner peace!

By Creative Planning Team Member - Tracy Macheta


Have you ever searched for what you consider to be your “perfect planner”? I think most people have but personally, I’ve never found one which contains the ideal layout for my lifestyle. But then, we all have different lives: we work, we stay home, we raise children (or not), socialise, etc, so why would there be a perfect planner that suits all of us?


 EC Daily Duo with EBDUK stickers


After quite a lot of wasted time (and money) trying different planners I finally had a “light bulb moment”. I simply needed to find one that suited MOST of my needs and I could then customise it and make it really personal. I’ve found that the easiest way to do this is by using stickers and washi tape.

My moment of clarity means that I can see myself using the Erin Condren Daily Duo planner for quite a while as it’s really versatile. I prefer the A5 size as it’s more portable. It has monthly spreads, a dashboard page for each month and of course, a page a day for every month with different sections.

The Daily Duo works extremely well as a work and home planner for me because of the sticker and washi element. It makes changing a layout so easy. In the photos you can see one of my beautifully decorated dashboard pages – each one is different – plus a page from a working day and one from a non-working day.


 EC DD A5 and EBDUK stickers


On the days I work, I use the time slots and the to-do list and I use washi tape to block out the non-working hours. I like to use header stickers to mark meetings and important tasks as they stand out more. I always use a few decorative stickers even on days I work.


 EC A5 DD and EBDUK stickers


On days I don’t work, I use washi tape to cover the time slots and the to-do list dots so I have a more flexible layout. I go food shopping on a Sunday so I use the left side of the page to keep a shopping list going. Whenever I think of something I need, I add it. I use the right side for tasks and in the photo you’ll see that I’ve turned appointment labels around so I can tick the task when it’s been completed. If I don’t manage to complete the task, I can move the sticker (and the task) to another day which is extremely useful when you are a great procrastinator like me!

I’m really enjoying the Daily Duo and I’m now looking for a flexible smaller planner that I can use alongside it. There’s no immediate rush though as for the moment, I definitely have found planner peace.


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