Crafty Planning

By Creative Planning Team Member - Belinda Hearn


Happy Planner and butterflies

I love my arts and crafts, so really enjoy when I can incorporate a little into my planning.  No matter what your planning style or planner preference, here are some ideas that can easily be rejigged to work for you.


Materials used:  

- Laminator

- A4 Laminating pouches

- EBDUK Precious Creative Pack - for card stock, vellum and tab

- White card stock

- EBDUK Mermazing Deco Sticker Sheet

- EBDUK Packing Cards - for the Butterflies

- Hole punch

- Paper cutter / guillotine

- Scissors

- Craft knife


Sticker Die Cuts 

I love die cuts so decided I was going to make some to match my Mermazing planner spreads.  I had some stickers left from the Decorative sheet, so stuck them down on some white card stock, cut them out and Voila! Die cuts. 


Stick them down to add a little dimension to the page, great to decorate your planner pockets, a great way to reuse some of your favourite stickers.

 Mermaid and butterfly stickers

EBDUK Creative pack in a TN


Slip-on Sticker Pocket Insert

I find it very useful having the planner stickers I’m currently using handy as I’m planning my week.  If you have a Laminator it is very easy to make a slide on pocket, custom made to fit the pages of your planner.

Measuring your planner page you custom cut your laminating sheets so it’s a perfect fit.  Reversing trimmed laminating sheets and placing them inside another laminating  pouch will create a pocket inside when you run it through your laminator.  Using this method, I made a slide on pocket.  It can hold your stickers,  journalling cards, memorabilia, receipts etc.   You can move it easily from page to page so it’s always handy. 

EllieBeth Creative pAck and crafty planner

Happy Planner with Creative pack


Pop-in Sample Sticker Holder /  Page Marker 

I am building quite a nice collection of the EBDUK sample sticker sheets.  They have a great selection of stickers on them, so to ensure they are always on hand I made this lovely page marker that pops into my happy planner discs and holds all my sample EBDUK sticker sheets in a cute little pocket. 


Here’s how to make your own.  Using some card stock, cut it to size.  Stick a tab on the top and maybe some decoration - I used Butterflies.   Next find a small piece of vellum (card stock or acetate) and cut it slightly larger than the width, and a bit shorter than the sample sticker sheets - this will become a snug little pocket. Then put the whole lot into a laminating pouch, making sure you align the small piece of vellum on the card stock where you want the pocket to be and then laminate.  Trim and carefully cut open the top of the velum to open the pocket and there you have it.


My punch isn’t very good punching through laminate or plastic so I actually left a margin of the card stock sticking out of the laminating pouch so I could hole punch it without difficulty. 


Creative Pack book mark with EllieBeth Creative pack

EllieBeth and Happy Planner creative layout

Hope you find some of these ideas useful, helps to gets your crafty on, brightens your planner and your day :)


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