Core sheets six ways!

By the Creative Planning Team

This week the Creative Planning Team have each taken a core sheet of their choice and used it to create their weekly layout - take a look at the choices they have made and the versatility of the 'core' family!

Suzanne Roberts: Weekly core and EC Vertical

Core sheet and EC vertical with EBDUK stickers EC vertical layout with EBDUK stickers

A staple of my weekly planning. I can probably count on one hand the EBDUK weekly spreads I have created without a weekly core sheet in the last 2 and a half years.

It's the one sheet I utilise every sticker from. You get such a wide range of stickers from the one sheet that you can build any spread around these. And this is exactly what my weekly spreads are 98% of the time based upon. The newly incorporated tear drops are one of my favourites and I love using script stickers with these.

Natalie Bowers: A5 core and A5 rings

A5 ring planner and EBDUK stickers Six ring planner with EBDUK stickers

Watch Natalie's video for her layout.  

Robyn Dexter-Attwood : Passion Planner and weekly core sheet

Passion planner and weekly core from EBDUK Passion Planner weekly layout from EBDUK

This week is a bit of an odd week to plan as I am actually having a holiday so I've gone for more for a set up that mixes function and memory keeping in my medium Passion Planner. Its also mental health awareness week which I like to mark in my planner. Normally I would go for a green theme, however this year's theme for the week is Nature so I thought the meadow core sheet was the perfect choice. I've cut the washi strips to make them go further and have added in some extra Penguin Joe stickers from my stash. Feels like the perfect spread to fill will good things from our week away!

Tracy Macheta: Mini months and Hobonichi weeks

Mini weeks from EBDUK and Hobonichi weeks Hobinichi weeks layout with EBDUK mini weeks core sheet

The Mini Months sheet is a smaller version of the EBDUK “core sheet” and was designed specifically for the Hobonichi Weeks planner. It is however versatile enough for other small planners such as the A6 Hobonichi.

It’s amazing how many stickers this one A5 sheet contains: 2 x wide and 2 x skinny washi strips, weekday headers, number stickers for the days of the month, a cute “to-do” strip and some decorative stickers. On top of that, there are the functional stickers: appointment and events, 2 x checklists, 8 small boxes and some reminders such as “pay day”, “bill due”, “day off”, etc. This sheet certainly offers good value as the whole month is covered.

For June this year, I used the “Garden’s Voice” sheet with its restful hues of peachy pink and gold and all the bees! I added a couple of small decorative stickers from the deco sheet to fill in some of the blank spaces. The spread is absolutely stunning.

The last few months of lockdown have been challenging for all of us but the June layout for me represents the return to normality (21st June – fingers crossed) and hopefully a planner full of activities, gatherings with family and friends and days out at the beautiful North Norfolk beaches close to where I live.

Korrie-ann Scott-Peters: EC Vertical and A5 core

A5 core and EC vertical A5 core in EC vertical with EBDUk stickers


For use in my erin Condren life planner I have chosen the A5 core sheet from hope blooms, along with the deco sheet. This was a good  challenge for me as I can normally use umpteen different sheets to create my layout. I am really pleased with how it turned out. There is so much to use as a base in the A5 right down to the little stars that can be use as bullet points for a checklist. Using the washi strips from the side is perfect for separating my boxes adding more decoration too. 


Sharon Gubby: EC Horizontal and Faith Edition

EC Horizontal with Faith Edition   EC Horizontal with EBDUK Faith edition

There is one more sheet to add to the 'Core' family - the Faith Edition. I've used mine in my EC horizontal memory planner for Easter week last year but it's the perfect accompaniment to any praise filled week or as a reminder of your faith and what's important to you.
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Core sheets from EBDUK in EC, Passion Planner and Hobonichi