Christmas Spreads - bucket list and bingo!

By Creative Planning Team Member - Angelique Patnett


I can hear the sound of sleigh bells softly jingling in my ears drawing me closer to December and the most wonderful time of the year!! I love Christmas because I can unashamedly indulge in some of my favourite things, like movies, music and meeting up with family and friends. If you are anything like me, December starts off at a manageable pace and then suddenly descends into a chaos of dashing around trying to fit it all in and being too tired to truly enjoy any of it.

But this year I have a plan using some beautiful sticker collections Rachel has designed. Three sticker pages I order every month are the A5 monthly page, the washi strips page and deco. With these I can elevate my blank Leuchtturm dot grid notebook to something colourful, beautiful and functional. I have already begun to set up my December pages with the focus being present in the moment without my brain wandering to the next three things on my to do list.


Monthly Christmas layout in a BuJo with EBDUK Stickers

I started off with my December calendar page using the A5 monthly sheet from the Christmas Treats collection. I love the theme and colours of this kit because it is different to the traditional red and green. It is also flexible enough to use well into January. The calendar will help me to see what is going on during the month in one place so I can try to avoid over commitment or scheduling clashes. It will also give me a chance to see where I may be able to group things together like meeting up with friends at coffee shops or for lunch, near where I will be doing some Christmas errands. Driving to one place but accomplish several things without the stress of fighting traffic, is helpful and also environmentally friendly.

Gingerbread Men in a BuJo with EBDUK stickers

One of the traditions I have embraced being an American in the UK is the annual purchase of the Christmas TV times. I sit and go through it with a highlighter circling what I want to record or watch live but I always seem to miss something. This year I have decided to create a movie tracker using the washi and deco from the same kit to capture my favourite and unmissable shows of the 2021 season. I drew clap boards where I can write the film, date and time so I don’t miss a thing.

On the same though I find myself come January thinking, “how did I miss so and so’s new Christmas album?” Or, “I didn’t sing my favourite carol”. Not this year. I have decided to create a playlist page using the washi and deco from the Fa Lalalala collection. All the music notes, piano scene, reds and greens were made for this page. I drew some boxes based on a Spotify graphic where I will write the song or album name and then switch the penciled in pause button to a play button once I have listened to it.

Both of these pages could be recreated quickly using the same washi and deco but write a list using check boxes or the asterisk checking off movies and songs as you go.

Baubles in a BuJo with EBDUK stickers

In the middle of all the festivities I am giving my Gratitude page a festive twist. I decided to use the bauble date covers from the Christmas 2021 collection along with deco and washi from the Fa Lalalala collection on this page. Where are day 26 to 31 you might ask, behind a very simple half page dutch door. I will add more deco once the page is filled in if there is space left.

However you decide to decorate your planner pages for December I’d like you to remember to “BE Present not Perfect”. Happy stickerating.

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