Christmas Planning

By Guest Blogger - Karen Seifert

This week we have something different for you - our guest blogger Karen Seifert is sharing her tips for a happy, relaxed, happy Christmas. Grab a cuppa and enjoy.



Hello All!

My name is Karen Seifert and I have been a Planner for almost 7 years now.
I first started Planning as a Creative Fun hobby. Now I need it because my life has become busier. However I still find time to decorate my pages. It's my therapy!

Erin Condren planner and EBDUk stickers
During the Holiday Season we are all busy! If you don't have time to “pretty plan” your pages, make a “to do” list, and also list important dates. Most Planners have notes pages or dashboards with room and freedom to add washi, a few stickers, and a place for your “to dos”, “to buy”, “need”, etc.

To do lists and Christmas planning with EBDUK stickers

Another suggestion:
Fill in your monthly calendar so you can see at a glance your priorities.
Add a lovely header and stickers, that will bring a smile or a sense of peace.
Looking at your calendar can you see a place just for you? You MUST take care of yourself! What would YOU like to do?  Plan it and DO IT!
Look at your list, and ask yourself:
*Are these reasonable expectations?
*What are my priorities?
*Is there anything I can delegate to someone else
Yes... more suggestions:
*Be flexible. We all know things don't always go as planned.
*Focus on the experience, and time spent with family and friends
*We all take photos during the holidays. Consider Memory Planning after the rush of the holidays

Join me for a 'Plan with me' and a look at the 'Christmas Treats' collection.

Whatever your Plans, and however they turn out...LAUGH!
Wishing you a Blessed Christmas!
~ Karen Seifert


Christmas to do lists on a Happy Planner with EBDUK stickers

To make the Card:
card-stock, black and white
dotted pattern paper
bakers twine
Christmas stamp, and ink
circle die or circle punch (you can use a glass to draw a circle and cut by    hand)
EllieBeth Designs UK washi tape
Cut 8 1/2 x 11inch black card-stock in half and fold. Adhere slightly smaller white panel
 Adhere 5 x 4 ¾ dotted pattern paper
Cut 4 ¼ x 3 ¼ white panel
on a piece of card-stock the size of your ornament, lay washi strips side by side, and cut in a circle
Adhere ornament to white panel. Punch small hole right above top of ornament, and thread the bakers twine, tying in the back of the panel
Add a bow. Stamp sentiment bottom right
Adhere panel to card with adhesive foam squares
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